Join Us for CERT FEST in Texas

Nov 21, 2017
2 minutes


The security industry is growing rapidly and so are we, and it is important for both Palo Alto Networks users and the extended community of security professionals to grow with us. Getting certified as a Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) is one way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. This can benefit you in your current role or prepare you for future jobs and career advancement. Getting certified as a team can help members be more productive, work better together, and reduce rework and issues – using the common knowledge base.

For these reasons and for the overall “upleveling” of security knowledge in the industry, we hosted our first ever CERT FEST in the Bay Area in early November, and it was a huge success. We brought together network security engineers from all the major high tech companies in the Silicon Valley to review concepts from the PCNSE exam. Sample questions and exam strategies were shared during the four scheduled workshops. Following the workshops, attendees were invited to take the PCNSE exam at a highly discounted rate to achieve their certification.

We are excited to announce we’re expanding the program to other cities. The next CERT FEST event will be held in Plano, Texas on December 12. We will offer a morning, as well as an afternoon, exam prep workshop and again allow attendees to take advantage of an on-site certification exam. Additional events are being scheduled in Mexico City, Amsterdam; Santa Clara, California, and more. We expect to announce exact dates and times soon.

The cybersecurity industry is not only growing fast, it is also a fascinating opportunity to help organizations build technologies, processes and teams that can prevent successful attacks. Even as adversaries automate and evolve, we can continue to develop skillsets and strategies to stay one step ahead. Participating in workshops and staying engaged as a cohesive community will help us all continue to move forward, and become both stronger and more effective.

Together, we can make a difference in our communities and in our industry. Reach out to your colleagues and friends, and join us for an interactive and educational session in Plano, Texas. Our certification team wants to help you reach your professional goals and expand your career opportunities.

Join us for the CERT FEST workshop in Plano, Texas.

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