Differentiating with 5G Security: It’s Time For Mobile Network Operators to Seize the Opportunity!

Nov 29, 2018
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5G networks are coming. Mobile operators are moving quickly to deliver these ultra-fast and agile networks which promise to enable transformative benefits for consumers and businesses. We will see critical services leverage 5G networks such as remote health care, emergency response, and self-driving cars. We will also see a dramatic proliferation of cellular IoT devices tied to these new services.  As forecasted in the November 2018 Ericsson Mobility Report, cellular IoT connections are set to pass the 4 billion mark by 2024.

Yes, 5G applications will run faster, but the real game changer is that these critical new mobile services will depend on the network provider more than ever. Security is the key enabler. Security will be the key differentiator for the mobile operator.

Today, we announced the coming availability of a dedicated service provider product series of our Next-Generation Firewalls, which are ideally suited for service provider 4G/5G network evolutions and IoT use case scenarios. Given the transformative mobility and performance benefits of 5G, mobile network operators will be uniquely positioned to connect, and also secure, IoT devices. Businesses will be looking for high-value 5G networks centered around security so they can confidently deploy new applications, IoT devices, and maximize the business value of 5G. It’s time for mobile operators to seize the 5G opportunity!

Read more about our approach to pave the way for a secure 5G evolution here.



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