10 Articles from Security Roundtable That You Shouldn’t Miss

Dec 31, 2019
2 minutes

As we look back over the year, we’d love to take this opportunity to highlight the work of Security Roundtable, powered by Palo Alto Networks, a resource for insightful and actionable information about cybersecurity. 

The mission of Security Roundtable is to educate and inform C-level executives and other business leaders tasked with setting the tone for cybersecurity culture within their organizations. Security Roundtable publishes original articles by leading experts to provide objective, brand-agnostic opinions and best practices for the cybersecurity industry and the greater business world.

Here is Security Roundtable senior managing editor Flora Zhang’s selection of top 10 pieces from 2019. The list covers topics from machine learning and cloud computing to guidance for executives coping with managing risks in a rapidly changing world to advice for returning to the basics of cyber hygiene. Take a read as we enter 2020.  

10. How to Become a Board Member? 4 Pointers for CIOs and CISOs

9. Security Chiefs: Don’t Ignore the 5G Future, It’s Coming Fast

8. The Growing Role of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

7. 8 Steps to Simplify Cybersecurity

6. A Cloud Security Strategy that Executives Can Grok

5. Why Automation, Why Now?

4. Data Security Is Risky Business–Watch Out for Sharks

3. CIOs: Don’t Get Stuck in a Situational Leadership Trap

2. Phishing Isn’t Going Away

1. What’s Old Is New: Back to Security Basics with Good Cyber Hygiene

Want to read more about the year in cybersecurity? Read "Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Trends: Expert and Customer Insights, Visionary Products."

This list of top posts originally appeared on Security Roundtable.

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