SC Media Names Prisma Cloud an Industry Innovator

Jan 20, 2020
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Twistlock, now a part of Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks, was named an Industry Innovator for 2019 by SC Media.

SC Media, which has been covering the cybersecurity marketplace for more than 30 years, has named Twistlock, now a part of Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks, as an Industry Innovator for 2019. 

We are delighted to be one of the few among what SC Media calls “new, innovative and cool products and companies.” 

The award recognizes Prisma Cloud’s unique ability to seamlessly integrate security monitoring and vulnerability remediation into the software development process. “Because it combines fully vetted software with cloud-native flexibility, the [Prisma Cloud] Platform meets the needs of security analysts and software developers all at once,” says SC Media’s report.


By giving customers the ability to integrate security into existing infrastructures, rather than having to develop software and then scan for vulnerabilities later, Prisma Cloud is set apart from other offerings in the marketplace. 

Further, after an organization has developed its application, Prisma Cloud uses machine learning to recognize “normal” behaviors and traffic flow patterns based on observed processes, networks, file systems and system calls. The platform is then able to filter traffic based on those behaviors, micro-segmentation and a defaulted least-privilege posture to prevent advanced threats.

Unlike traditional tools that rely on static lists that try to predict every possible bad event that could happen, Prisma Cloud helps organizations only allow the specific activities and capabilities required by the application – everything else is treated as anomalous and prevented. 

All this information rolls up to the only security platform in the industry that provides automated remediation, detailed forensics and correlation capabilities. The platform combines insights from workloads, network, user activity, data and configurations to accelerate incident investigation and response capabilities. 

“As more and more enterprises make the digital move towards cloud-native architectures, [Prisma Cloud] is uniquely suited to support them with its full lifecycle software security and its advanced integrative capabilities,” says SC Media. 

Learn more about how the advanced features of the Prisma Cloud platform have made us an industry innovator.

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