Prisma SD-WAN Integrates With Google Cloud to Simplify Multicloud

Organizations are moving in full force to adopt the cloud with multicloud availability at the core of their digital transformation. As a result, traditional wide area network (WAN) architectures have become a major bottleneck as they fail to enable direct access to cloud applications.

Moreover, organizations lack personnel expertise and tools that effectively connect multicloud technologies, which have led to inadequate implementations, requiring complex manual operations that do not scale. Gartner states that “by 2024, to enhance agility and support for cloud applications, 60% of enterprises will have implemented SD-WAN and more than 60% of the SD-WAN customers will have implemented a SASE architecture.”

Multicloud and SD-WAN

Multicloud deployments demand a robust solution that automates direct cloud connectivity at scale. This significantly improves application performance, reduces costs and operational complexity, while extending cloud usage to simplify their complete end-to-end enterprise connectivity.

With these challenges and requirements in mind, today, I am thrilled to announce the seamless integration of Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN with Google Cloud. This powerful combination will further expand the collaboration of the industry’s first next-generation SD-WAN solution with one of the top cloud providers in the market. With this integration, organizations can modernize their infrastructure securely and simplify branch-to-cloud and branch-to-branch connectivity to reduce costs, complexity and significantly improve end-user experience.

Additionally, our strategic partnership with Google Cloud includes deep integration with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access, the industry’s most comprehensive, cloud-delivered security solution. This integration combined with Prisma SD-WAN allows customers to secure their journey to multicloud, while enabling a complete secure access service edge (SASE) solution.

Shailesh Shukla, VP and GM, Networking, at Google Cloud, said, “We’re delighted to expand our strategic partnership with Palo Alto Networks and to support businesses’ cloud deployments at increasing scale and scope. Tightly integrating Prisma SD-WAN with Google Cloud’s Network Connectivity Center enables customers to secure and manage cloud services, applications, and data across multicloud environments more seamlessly, and ultimately to accelerate their infrastructure modernization and business innovation efforts.”

Simplified Enterprise Connectivity

Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN is the industry’s first next-generation SD-WAN solution that provides an ROI of up to 243%. With its autonomous infrastructure, organizations can eliminate up to 99% of support tickets, using machine learning and data science capabilities while enabling branch services, like security and networking, from the cloud. Simultaneously, the new Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center accelerates how organizations build and access apps in a multicloud environment. It enables them to modernize infrastructure with automation, insightful predictions and streamlined operations.

Prisma SD-WAN’s turnkey integration with Google Cloud’s Network Connectivity Center provides customers multiple benefits:

Reduce Costs and Complexity with Simplified Branch-to-Cloud Connectivity

  • Automate workflows for low latency branch-to-cloud connectivity without any service disruption caused by appliance or controller upgrades via CloudBlades, our API-based platform.
  • Support the high availability of cloud gateways in the Google Cloud to deliver application resiliency with improved redundancy and seamless failover.

Enable Intelligent Traffic Steering with Complete Visibility and Control

  • Extend deep application visibility with Layer 7 intelligence to Google Cloud with Prisma SD-WAN’s application-defined approach. This will eliminate the need for backhauling traffic to the data centers.
  • Steer cloud application traffic accurately and gain granular performance insights in Google Cloud to improve user experience and significantly reduce troubleshooting efforts with automation using ML and data science capabilities.

Gain Reliable and Secure Branch-to-Branch Connectivity With Prisma Access

  • Integrate cloud-delivered security and ensure best-in-class networking for your branches with Prisma Access, which already runs natively on the Google Cloud. Prisma Access enables high-performance and secure branch-to-branch when used in conjunction with Prisma SD-WAN.
  • With Prisma Access, organizations can take advantage of our complete SASE solution by extending its capabilities into a multicloud environment. Protect the infrastructure with continuous security monitoring, consistent security enforcement, and world-class security capabilities that can defend businesses across all threat landscapes.

For more information on the benefits of Prisma SD-WAN and Google Cloud integration, read the solution brief or register for our "Simplify Enterprise Connectivity with Prisma SD-WAN and Google Cloud" webinar.