Internet2-Driven Cybersecurity Solutions for Education

Sep 17, 2021
3 minutes

After several years of collaboration with the finest institutions in higher education and the Internet2 community, Palo Alto Networks is thrilled to offer new solutions for campus-wide cybersecurity. For those of you who don’t know, Internet2 is a consortium providing a secure high-speed network, cloud solutions, research support and services tailored for research and education.

Whether it’s students working together in a lab or institutions cooperating around common standards and solutions, it’s a dynamic that sets higher education apart from any other industry. Collaborative, community-driven efforts of working groups like Internet2 have been transformative and successful for universities. We are grateful to have had the pleasure of getting to know and learning from the Design Validation Committee members:

  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Kentucky
  • Rice University
  • Villanova University
  • Drexel University
  • Duquesne University
  • Carahsoft
  • Internet2 NET+ team

The work we began together is remarkably timely as COVID-19 has required every university to rethink its network security. Whether it’s nation-state attacks, ransomware or widespread remote learning, the stakes are high; the impact of a breach could be catastrophic and costly.

Today’s higher education leaders need a superior standard aligned to modern risk management. In this context, our work together has uncovered many limitations in status quo approaches. We have engineered together and peer-tested solutions that truly meet today’s challenges.

No matter where your organization stands in security maturity, Palo Alto Networks and the Internet2 community have designed a solution that is easy to purchase, deploy and manage, allowing you to detect more threats, manage fewer interfaces and automate more responses.

These Internet2-driven cybersecurity solutions help schools address foundational security modernization challenges: securing remote working and learning, securing campus apps in the cloud, achieving advanced threat protection and automating security operations.

Again, each service is carefully configured and validated to the unique needs of higher education, with other shared assets, like strategic playbooks that help universities manage customization. It’s the kind of full stack collaboration you only find in higher education. Collaboration is not just a partnership; it’s also a path.

As one community member said to me, “I am especially proud of the work that we have done because having a NET+ offering in higher ed is like having a Triple A bond rating. You can’t do any better.”

This is not about static answers, though. It is about an ongoing journey. As institutions of all shapes and sizes have worked to modernize their technology infrastructure, groups like Internet2 have led an important discussion around understanding common challenges and embracing shared ones.

As campus borders dissolve and technology becomes more critical to new ways of learning, working and exploring, keeping critical information and intellectual property secure gets more complicated. That’s why we’re so proud to bring our unmatched product leadership to the hard work of building tomorrow’s universities as institutions work to connect people, ideas and outcomes in new ways. To learn more, attend one of our upcoming NET+ Palo Alto Networks Community Calls. You won’t be disappointed.

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