Palo Alto Networks Is the HashiCorp Technology Partner of the Year

Oct 13, 2023
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The Palo Alto Networks commitment to securing our customers’ cloud environments is at the forefront of our mission to be the cybersecurity partner of choice. Our success on this mission sometimes means we need to collaborate with other industry leaders on behalf of our shared customers. Collaboration and innovation are essential for our mutual success within the ever-changing landscape of cloud infrastructure automation and security, all in service of our valued customers. In this spirit, Palo Alto Networks is thrilled to announce that we received the 2023 HashiCorp Technology Partner of the Year, the second year in a row.

When customers present us with new cloud security use cases for us to solve, we often turn to our technology partners. Working together, we’re able to deliver solutions to these complex customer requirements by architecting and engineering software integrations that make our products work better together for shared customers.

A Partnership Forged in Innovation and Collaboration

The HashiCorp Partner of the Year honors exceptional partners within the HashiCorp Partner Network for their enduring commitment to building integrations for the HashiCorp suite of multicloud infrastructure automation products. These are used by enterprises around the globe.

Palo Alto Networks was recognized for its continued investment in product engineering integrations and helping our mutual customers build knowledge to successfully achieve outcomes. Our shared engineering is delivered across multiple Palo Alto Networks product portfolios, including Prisma Cloud, Strata and Cortex. This has allowed the partnership to produce hands-on workshops that have helped thousands of enterprises learn how to embed security in their cloud-native projects. The HashiCorp and Palo Alto Networks product and engineering teams work together daily to share feedback from mutual customers, enabling us to plan and build solutions that benefit our global customers.

2022 Hashicorp Technology Partner of the Year gathering.
2022 Hashicorp Technology Partner of the Year

Being named HashiCorp Technology Partner of the Year for two consecutive years is a momentous achievement and a testament to the unwavering dedication and exceptional collaboration we've cultivated through our partnership with HashiCorp. By leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we've met and exceeded our customers' expectations, significantly streamlining their infrastructure automation and security journey. This recognition signifies the culmination of the collective efforts of our teams, working tirelessly to assist customers in achieving success with their cloud security and automation endeavors.

“Thousands of companies use HashiCorp to provision, secure, connect and run cloud infrastructure for their most important applications. Palo Alto Networks is a key ecosystem partner, and we are thrilled to recognize their contribution with the HashiCorp Technology Partner of the Year. I am excited to continue our collaboration with Palo Alto Networks so that together, we can help our customers realize the full value of our combined solutions.”
– Leon Jones, VP, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem at HashiCorp

What excites us most is that we're just scratching the surface. The future ahead for this partnership shines brightly, and we look forward to the journey ahead. The potential for collaboration and the number of customers we can assist together are boundless.

Thank you to HashiCorp and Palo Alto Networks customers, partners and teams that contribute to this partnership. For more information on the cloud-native patterns and engineering integrations, reference our shared Cloud Operating Model or sign up for an upcoming hands-on workshop with Prisma Cloud and HashiCorp.

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