Palo Alto Networks and Kyndryl: Unlocking Industry 4.0 with Private 5G

Feb 22, 2024
3 minutes

Consult-led Zero Trust, Private 5G deployments allow clients to implement secure OT networks and edge applications in manufacturing environments (under ISA-95 and Purdue Model).

The use of private 5G networks is growing quickly as companies accelerate digital transformation to drive innovation and new technological capabilities. According to Analysys Mason, network spend on private networks will increase from $1 billion USD in 2022 to $9 billion USD in 2028. It is estimated that by 2027, manufacturing will account for 35% of all private 5G network spending. Kyndryl is the world’s largest infrastructure services provider, and Palo Alto Networks is the leading cybersecurity solutions provider. Together, we are well positioned to help clients take an innovative approach to managing and securing digital workflows in their existing environments.

Palo Alto Networks and Kyndryl see this acceleration happening across many industries – from factory floors to warehouses, mining sites to energy operations. Private 5G connectivity is beginning to replace legacy network technologies to offer higher bandwidth, lower latency and better range than traditional connections. These connectivity attributes are required to implement operational technology (OT) network transformations through advanced technologies, like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, the building blocks for realizing the potential of Industry 4.0 initiatives. The downside is that this new network connectivity exposes threats, which require private 5G specific threat protection. The good news is that private 5G networks allow companies to have full control over their network infrastructure, leading to better security, data privacy outcomes and flexibility, if implemented right.

For device connectivity and intelligent data processing to happen, the convergence of information technology (IT) and OT with edge computing is critical. In traditional manufacturing, the factory is divided by the systems that govern its parts. OT rules the plant floor, while the IT network runs the business. Bridging IT and OT efficiently and effectively requires a robust and reliable communications infrastructure. When IT and OT network infrastructures are integrated, enterprises can realize cost savings and enhanced security, as well as achieve scalability and operational efficiencies.

Innovation in the Industrial Edge

Kyndryl and Palo Alto Networks have established a private 5G, Industry 4.0 innovation lab. This lab produces industrial edge use cases and reference architectures, leveraging LTE and 5G private wireless connectivity, secured by Palo Alto Networks network security platform to extend Zero Trust to Private 5G. It runs on private 5G mobile core platforms, with end-to-end managed services provided by Kyndryl. Kyndryl’s deep networking deployment and integration expertise, along with Palo Alto Networks 5G and OT security solutions, enable manufacturing companies to leverage new technologies integrated with automation and AI to secure their 5G deployments. The technologies unlock improved operations and worker safety, as well as transform industrial operations.

Innovation Lab Use Cases:

  • Remote manufacturing process control to allow control from outside of sites.
  • Real-time analytics on factory production sites for improved reporting and management.
  • Provisioning and management of mobile devices to improve the employee and frontline worker experience for onboarding and communication, as well as worker safety.
  • IT and OT security integration to support edge applications and AI.

See how Kyndryl and Palo Alto Networks are helping drive IT/OT convergence to accelerate Industry 4.0 potential with 5G private networks secured with Zero Trust principles at Mobile World Congress (MWC). Visit us in Hall 4 at booth #4D55.

Is your enterprise preparing for 5G adoption? Explore the capabilities of our joint solution and discover how it can drive meaningful results for your business, simply reach out to request a demo.

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