Prisma SASE 3.0 — Securing Work Where It Happens

May 02, 2024
6 minutes

In today's work environment, employees demand the freedom to be productive from anywhere, using any device, and accessing any application. Homes, coffee shops and mobile phones have become seamless extensions of the corporate network. This unrestricted approach empowers users, but it also increases risk due to a lack of consistent security, control and visibility across devices. Security strategies must catch up, and Palo Alto Networks is once again leading that charge. Prisma SASE 3.0 isn't just an upgrade; it's a quantum leap for SASE (secure access service edge), designed to not only solve today's work security challenges, but tomorrow's as well.

Rethinking the Shortcomings of a Patchwork Approach

The shift to an on-the-go, cloud-driven world was a necessary business decision. However, many of the solutions deployed in the initial rush to support this shift had prioritized immediate needs rather than a cohesive long-term strategy. As a result, companies end up with multiple secure access tools, all with different policies, network sensors and management panes in place. This creates challenges in making sense of it all, ensuring policy consistency, and achieving a unified view of your network security. Tool sprawl and trying to integrate dozens of point solutions from several vendors is an approach that is unsustainable as technical complexity increases.

As organizations look ahead, the limitations of a patchwork SASE approach become increasingly clear. These existing SASE solutions may have initially sufficed, but the compromises inherent in disconnected solutions will hinder your future growth:

  • Security Gaps: Contractors, third-party collaborators and BYOD devices introduce unique security risks that might not be fully covered by your current solutions.
  • Inadequate Data Protection: Limited data classification capabilities can leave you vulnerable to potentially damaging data breaches.
  • Inconsistent Application Performance: Legacy SASE models may struggle to deliver the seamless user experience that modern dynamic applications demand, which impacts productivity.

The ideal solution is to adopt a complete, fully integrated SASE solution to address the totality of your work requirements. Only a converged solution with unified management, data and AI-powered security can optimize hybrid work performance alongside uncompromising protection.

Introducing Prisma SASE 3.0 — A New Era in SASE

SASE done right requires deep integration to provide security, visibility and control from any device to any application. Only then can AI eliminate the most challenging threats. Prisma SASE 3.0 isn't just another set of features, it's the next chapter in work security with these major innovations.

Prisma Access Browser — Securing Business Where Work Happens

The shift to the cloud has solidified the browser as the primary workspace. This, coupled with the rise of working from anywhere, has led to the browser becoming a significant attack vector. Most work today gets done in the web browser, which is used to access corporate data and applications (like email, HR and finance). But, it is inherently insecure; 95% of organizations experienced a security incident originating from the browser across all devices. This is why Gartner predicts that by 2030, enterprise browsers will be the key to delivering secure, digital workforce experiences on managed and unmanaged devices.

Prisma SASE is the industry's only SASE solution that secures both managed and unmanaged devices, through a natively integrated enterprise browser that extends protection to unmanaged devices in minutes. Prisma Access Browser protects business apps and data by placing security in the browser, where users and data meet. Prisma SASE can transform your security in the following cases:

  • Securely Enable Contractors and Third Parties – Effortlessly onboard contractors and third parties in minutes, improving efficiency and lowering costs while ensuring the security of your data.
  • Securely Enable BYOD – Empower your workforce with device choice without sacrificing security or data governance. Users can work on any device with confidence.
  • Reimagine Security for Managed Devices – Implement security directly in the browser, where users and data interact. Benefit from advanced data protection capabilities, enhanced privacy and improved cost efficiency.

Jonathan Jaffe, CISO at Lemonade said:

SASE can’t just stop at managed devices. Companies need to protect unmanaged and third-party users without slowing down the business. Prisma Access Browser allows us to do just that.

AI-Powered Data Security — Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency

Data classification is inherently complex, exacerbated by the volume and variety of sensitive information proliferating across diverse environments. Traditional DLP solutions struggle to keep pace due to their reliance on simple rules and lack of contextual understanding.

Palo Alto Networks is transforming data security with a breakthrough in data classification accuracy. Our LLM-powered Document Classification combines the strengths of context-aware, machine learning models with the power of LLM-based natural language understanding. This innovative technology complements our existing out-of-the-box data profiles, which leverage a wide range of classification techniques for regulatory and compliance needs. This enhanced classification capability further enhances our DLP solution to help keep customer data secure.

App Acceleration — Delivering a Seamless Digital Experience

Modern applications are essential for productivity, but poor application performance is a significant hindrance. Traditional content-caching solutions and existing SASE solutions cannot solve poor performance for modern applications that are highly dynamic and personalized. Prisma SASE App Acceleration is the only solution that securely understands each user's journey inside the app and proactively computes the dynamic content for that user, enabling application performance up to 5x faster.

Today, we are announcing the general availability of Prisma SASE App Acceleration and launching the App Acceleration ecosystem. We are working with leading cloud service providers and enterprise applications, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Slack, ServiceNow, Google, Zoom and SAP, to empower our customers to leverage the performance-enhancing capabilities of App Acceleration while maintaining robust security. This translates to a faster-than-direct user experience, which is particularly beneficial for dynamic content and diverse workforce locations.

Additional Features — Building Resilience, Empowering Teams

Prisma SASE Resilience: Prisma SASE prioritizes uptime with a 99.999% SLA and a resilient cloud infrastructure. Built on GCP and AWS, it features dynamic failover mechanisms to safeguard business continuity.

Dynamic Privileged Access (DPA): Prisma Access offers project-based segmentation and granular access control, ideal for organizations working on multiple complex projects simultaneously. This enhances security and streamlines access management.

Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) Real User Monitoring: Prisma SASE now combines synthetic and real user monitoring in ADEM, pinpointing the root cause of performance issues to ensure a seamless digital experience for employees.

A Future-Proof SASE Solution for the Future of Work

Prisma SASE 3.0 represents a paradigm shift in SASE. By extending protection to unmanaged devices and incorporating advanced data security and performance optimization capabilities, it empowers organizations to confidently navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic work environment. This future-proof solution allows CISOs and CIOs to embrace a secure and productive work model without sacrificing agility or user experience.

Join us at our virtual event, InterSECt, on June 4-6 to learn more about these innovations.

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