Improve Microsoft Teams Meeting Performance with ADEM

Jul 01, 2024
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Effective communication and collaboration drive employee productivity and success in today's dynamic and hybrid work environment. However, ensuring a seamless virtual meeting experience poses significant challenges for IT and help desk administrators. Key challenges we consistently observe with our customers include:

  1. Manual data correlation between the Microsoft Teams Dashboard and enterprise monitoring tools often leads to delays in troubleshooting and swift resolution of call quality issues.
  2. Access restrictions to the Microsoft Teams Dashboard can impede administrators' visibility into critical call quality metrics, further complicating the troubleshooting process.

Given the widespread reliance on Microsoft Teams for enterprise communication, the need for a streamlined solution to manage call quality has never been more urgent.

Introducing MS Teams Integration with ADEM

ADEM, part of Prisma Access from Palo Alto Networks, monitors the performance of every segment that can impact a user’s digital experience.

ADEM helps IT admins find and remediate performance issues that users encounter while working from home, in the office, or on the go. Unlike other digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions, ADEM doesn't just provide visibility; it interprets the results of synthetic and endpoint monitoring to surface actionable insights.

ADEM’s journey to improve enterprise communication tool experiences began with the successful release of ADEM’s integration with Zoom’s quality of service Subscription (QSS). This integration gave IT teams end-to-end application performance visibility and segment-wise insight that drives root cause isolation to expedite troubleshooting and deliver exceptional Zoom user experiences.

Building on this commitment, we are thrilled to announce our latest capability: ADEM integration with Microsoft Teams.

This integration seamlessly incorporates MS Teams’ call quality data with ADEM’s powerful root cause analysis capability. It enables IT and MS Teams administrators to troubleshoot meeting experience issues from the ADEM dashboard, reducing the mean time to remediation from hours to minutes.

ADEM integration with Microsoft Teams empowers IT teams with insights to optimize collaboration experiences effectively. By leveraging call quality data within the ADEM dashboard, administrators can:

1. Get comprehensive visibility into organization-wide MS Teams meeting analytics. ADEM offers visibility into call quality KPIs, enabling IT to troubleshoot recurring issues through root cause analysis (RCA) and suggested remediations. This minimizes downtime and enhances overall call quality and reliability across the organization

Figure 1: Organization-wide view of MS Teams user experience summary.

2. Drill down to individual user and meeting performance issues. Gain insights into meetings attended and meetings impacted due to voice, video, or screen sharing for every user in an organization, understand root cause analysis, and receive suggested remediations for poor meeting performance.

Figure 2: User-level view of MS Teams performance analysis.

Additionally, the calendar view of meetings attended by specific users offers an easy view of good and poor-performing meetings over time, with the ability to drill down into a specific impacted meeting to understand the associated root cause with suggested remediation to improve users' meeting experience.

Figure 3: Calendar view for a user’s MS Teams call quality data.

Looking Ahead

As organizations continue to embrace remote and hybrid work environments, the importance of seamless collaboration tools cannot be overstated.

Whether you're an application admin team striving to measure and manage collaboration tools' call quality performance or a help desk navigating Level 1 (L1) and Level 2 (L2) issues, Palo Alto Networks’ ADEM provides insights needed to optimize collaboration experiences and drive user experience for your enterprise.

Learn more about how Palo Alto Networks Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) on our website.


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