Protect mobile users anytime, everywhere

Remote access VPN was not designed for cloud applications. Proxies, secure web gateways and DNS filtering were not designed for consistent protection or user experience.
Your cloud-connected mobile workforce needs the same consistent security, no matter where in the world they work.

Why Prisma for cloud-enabled mobile workforce

Smooth experience

Provide streamlined, simultaneous, always-on secure access to cloud and data center applications with Prisma™ – without having to connect and disconnect.

Consistent security

Deliver the same protection and enforce the same security policies to stop cyberattacks, regardless of user location.

Simplify architecture

Reduce the operational overhead of managing and scaling global coverage for your users as they move from one location to another.

Featured Products

Prisma Access

Provides access and security to the public cloud, SaaS, internet, internal data center and other locations as a better alternative to remote access VPN and software-defined perimeter. Keep mobile users secure

Prisma SaaS

Multi-mode SaaS application protections from any location or device, wether it is managed or umanaged by your organization. Ensure secure access to SaaS apps