Automate discovery and monitoring

In the cloud, ensuring every resource adheres to your organization's security and compliance standards is paramount. With the ever-expanding usage of cloud services, ensuring compliance is becoming harder than ever.

Prisma™ continuously monitors your distributed multi-cloud environments and SaaS applications, proactively alerting you of any misconfigurations or compliance violations, and even automates remediation so you can embrace the cloud with confidence.

Why Prisma for governance and compliance

Realtime visibility and continuous monitoring

Prisma automatically discovers data and assets, monitors for policy violations or misconfigurations, and automatically remediates issues across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Automated compliance reporting

Prisma enables cloud usage with confidence through automated audit-ready reports based on the industry’s most complete library of supported frameworks.

Access governance

Prisma allows granular policy definitions to govern access to SaaS applications and cloud assets in public cloud environments. In addition, the VM-Series enables segmentation to govern network access.

Featured Products

Prisma SaaS

Govern access to all SaaS applications as well as monitor sensitive data and detect risky configurations within sanctioned applications.
Compliance for SaaS data

Prisma™ Cloud

Dynamically discover data and assets, monitor for policy violations, and report on compliance posture across AWS, Azure and GCP. One-click reports for NIST, CIS, HIPAA, GDPR and more.
Compliance for public cloud


Segment networks in public cloud environments and meet regulatory requirements, leveraging a virtualized next-generation firewall.
Meet network requirements for compliance