Transform your network with SD-WAN
Gartner WAN Edge MQ report
Legacy WAN architectures create limitations as organizations adopt the cloud or utilize commodity Internet connections in their branch offices. Organizations are shifting to software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to ensure seamless cloud migration, reduced costs, infrastructure automation, and improved user collaboration. Download the report to see why CloudGenix has been named by Gartner Inc. as a Visionary in the 2019 Magic Quadrant® for WAN Edge Infrastructure.
App Defined, Autonomous and Delivered from the Cloud
The World's First Next-Gen SD-WAN
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Limitations of legacy SD-WAN approaches
SD-WAN solutions today are unable to easily adapt as organizations transform their networks.
Limited app visibility Layer 3 packet-based policies limit app visibility and app-based networking policies.
Manual operations Ineffective scaling and manual interventions are required, increasing administrative overhead.
Bolt-on branch products Multiple point products are required to achieve both security and connectivity, increasing cost and complexity.
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Palo Alto Networks provides an app defined and autonomous SD-WAN solution, enabling the cloud-delivered branch, and reducing enterprise WAN costs.
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New approach to SD-WAN
Palo Alto Networks CloudGenix SD-WAN is the industry's first next-generation SD-WAN solution that enables the cloud-delivered branch.
App-defined Provide deep application visibility and intelligent Layer 7 network policies.
Autonomous Automate operations and problem avoidance using machine learning and data science.
Cloud-delivered Branch Reduce costs as branch security and networking are delivered from the cloud.

What our customers have to say

Aaron’s “With CloudGenix SD-WAN, we have confidence in our infrastructure, which gives us confidence in our ability to deploy to all 1,600 stores. We now have an app-centric view of the world and not one based on a protocol sense of the world.” John Trainor, Chief Information Officer, Aaron’s, Inc. Read more
Diamond Crystal Brands “We needed assistance managing our business-critical apps and making sure everything was running the way it should. We were introduced to CloudGenix SD-WAN and experienced, from day one, a collaborative and easy-to-work with partner. The speed of implementation and the continued customer service is beyond anything we have received in the past. We have confidence that we can keep our business ­operations running so that all locations are online.” Arlete Bacon, Director of IT, Diamond Crystal Brands Read more
Yancey Bros. To reduce network complexity, improve the quality of service, and support continued growth, Yancey Bros. sought out a partner that could provide low-cost connectivity and the reliability its remote offices required. “We felt a real partnership from the beginning and decided to move forward together.” Steve Seidner, Chief Information Officer, Yancey Bros. Read more
CAPTRUST “We weren’t going to be able to build an affordable hub-and-spoke network and give our employees the kind of performance they needed with the resiliency and redundancy that we needed, without CloudGenix SD-WAN.” Jon Meyer, Chief Technology Officer, CAPTRUST Read more
ProAmpac “CloudGenix SD-WAN allows us to utilize all of our ISP connections based on type of traffic and what policies we implement, further allowing us to reduce bandwidth costs at each site since we can spread the load across all of the connections.” Jim Gunnarson, Infrastructure Manager, ProAmpac Read more
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