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As America Races to Deploy 5G, Cybersecurity Firms Try to Keep Up

Palo Alto Networks is working to keep up with this rapid deployment on the cybersecurity front. Scott Stevens, CTO of the Global Service Providers business at Palo Alto Networks, joined Cheddar to discuss.
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State-sponsored Chinese hackers have been targeting Southeast Asia since 2013

Researchers have revealed a previously undocumented threat actor of Chinese origin that has run at least six different cyber espionage campaigns in the Southeast Asian region since 2013.
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Chinese cyberespionage group PKPLUG uses custom and off-the-shelf tools

A previously unknown group or collective associated with China is targeting victims in Asia, possibly for geopolitical gain.
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Report: 'PKPLUG' Espionage Campaign Targets Southeast Asia

Unit 42 Researchers Describe Malware Attacks That May Have Ties to China
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Cyber espionage actor PKPLUG keeps plugging away at targeting SE Asia

Drawing on three years of investigatory work, researchers have assembled a detailed playbook on PKPLUG, a suspected Chinese threat actor targeting Asians with an assortment of malware used for cyber espionage purposes.
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A Beginner's Guide to Microsegmentation

In a world in which the data center perimeter has all but evaporated, traditional segmentation no longer is enough. Enter microsegmentation. Here's what organizations need to do to maximize the benefits of this improved security architecture.
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Common Challenges in Securing Cloud Platforms

Matt Chiodi, CSO for Public Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, joins Cheddar to discuss what vulnerabilities the cloud has and how companies can protect themselves.
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Patch now: 1,300 Harbor cloud registries open to attack

A severe critical privilege escalation vulnerability has been found in the open source registry software.
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“Everything as a service” is coming—but we’re not there quite yet

Getting there—if it's really what we want—means solving a few still-unsolved problems.
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Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora on earnings and growth

Shares of Palo Alto Networks popped more than 9% ahead of the bell on Thursday. The company topped Wall Street earnings estimates. Nikesh Arora, Palo Alto chairman and CEO, joins "Squawk on the Street" to discuss.
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How to turn an internship into a lucrative full-time job

One of the best things about being an intern is the inside edge it gives you to turn an 8- or 12-week stint at a company into a full-time job. But having that advantage doesn’t always automatically result in an offer letter.
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Making the Most of a 'Zero Trust' Security Approach

M.K. Palmore of Palo Alto Networks Sorts Through the Myths
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How AI is a prime component in the fight against cybercrime

Recent news that the first companies are facing multi-million dollar fines after falling afoul of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation sent shockwaves throughout the business world.
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The CyberWire Daily Podcast

China says Twitter and Facebook are restricting its freedom of speech. The Silence criminal gang has expanded internationally. Google, Mozilla, and Apple are blocking the Kazakh government’s root certificate.
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Secret CSO: Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks

Rick Howard is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Palo Alto Networks where he is responsible for building a Threat Intelligence Team, supporting the product line and acting as a thought leader and company evangelist in the cybersecurity industry.
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What government can do to keep its cyber workforce

The government needs to do a better job showing that it values cybersecurity professionals as it battles to attract and retain a digital workforce, industry professionals told Fifth Domain during a week of information security conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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The state of container security: Tools, policy trail the technology

Gartner recently included container security as one of its Top 10 Security Projects for 2019. However, container technology remains something of a mystery to many cybersecurity pros.
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Report finds 34M vulnerabilities across AWS, Google Cloud and Azure

A new report from Unit 42, the threat intelligence team at Palo Alto Networks Inc. has uncovered 34 million vulnerabilities across leading cloud service providers, highlighting that organizations are struggling with securing cloud installations.
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Build a proactive cybersecurity approach that delivers

It's not your imagination. Smart and resourceful bad actors are out to get your organization's data. You've got to do something. You've heard about proactive cybersecurity strategies like zero trust, but what does zero trust really mean, how much will it cost and where do you start? Whatever the strategy, the first step for IT leaders is to come to grips with the threats their organizations are facing.
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The 10 Coolest New Cybersecurity Tools And Products Of 2019 (So Far)

Prisma was released in May, and gives customers what they need to consistently govern access, protect data, and secure applications. Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora said Prisma is the largest cloud security business in the world with 9,000 enterprise customers and a billings run rate in excess of $250 million.
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Ep. 48: Cyberwarfare today

In the first of a three-part podcast series, we're going to look at the contemporary risks of cyber warfare, from ransomware and extortion to online banking and culture wars.
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Americans Want to Protect Their Information, but Don't Know How: Survey

Americans are keen on security, but do not necessarily understand it. This is the conclusion of a new survey of 1,300 Americans undertaken by YouGov, which basically suggests that attitudes towards cybersecurity exceed actions taken to ensure cybersecurity.
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The Problem With Containerization

Containerization offers plenty of benefits — including potentially smaller server costs — which tempts brands to containerize applications and adopt technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.
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Never Trust, Always Verify: Demystifying Zero Trust to Secure Your Networks

The point of Zero Trust is not to make networks, clouds, or endpoints more trusted; it's to eliminate the concept of trust from digital systems altogether.
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6 Top Cloud Security Threats To Know About In 2019 (And Beyond)

From compromised credentials to misconfigured containers to the excessive use of privileged accounts, here's a look at six of the biggest cloud security threats technical experts are worried about this year.
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Top 9 Biggest AWS Security Mistakes To Avoid

From failing to address the spread of shadow IT to losing or having credentials stolen to treating containers like traditional appliances or VMs, here are nine of the most common AWS security mistakes seen by technical experts.
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Palo Alto Networks Reports Identify Container Security Concerns

A pair of reports published by Palo Alto Networks makes it apparent that the biggest issue in container security is not how secure the containers are, but rather how they are configured.
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7 Must-Have Cloud Security Certifications In 2019

Technical experts at seven of the world's leading cloud security firms provide their recommendations for which certifications they value most when making hiring decisions or mentoring subordinates.
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Data Breaches Make Zero Trust The New Buzzword In Cybersecurity

Despite huge spending on computer security, the good guys aren't even close to getting the upper hand vs. hackers.
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Palo Alto Networks launches Prisma, a cloud security suite

Palo Alto Networks has launched its new cloud security suite called Prisma, comprised of four platforms -- Prisma Access, Prisma Public Cloud, Prisma SaaS and VM-Series.
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