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This China-linked espionage group keeps trying to hack the Cambodian government

There is no shortage of malware that government-backed hackers can get from the public domain, saving them the trouble of developing their own code. But to meet their intelligence-gathering needs, plenty of groups still roll up their sleeves and build their own kits.
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Palo Alto CEO: Balancing our core firewall and next generation businesses

Jim Cramer checks in with Palo Alto CEO Nikesh Arora to hear about the company’s hybrid cloud security acquisition and get a read on where the firm is headed.
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Targeting routers to hit gaming servers.

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 recently published research outlining attacks on home and small-business routers, taking advantage of known vulnerabilities to make the routers parts of botnets, ultimately used to attack gaming servers.
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Palo Alto Networks Leaps Into SASE Market

Gartner’s hype train gained speed this week as Palo Alto Networks leaped aboard with the launch of its secure access service edge (SASE) platform.
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Palo Alto Networks brings its cyber startup acquisitions together in Prisma Cloud

Palo Alto Networks Inc. today introduced a new version of its Prisma Cloud cybersecurity platform that incorporates the technologies the company gained through its high-profile series of recent startup acquisitions.
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Analysis of Jira Bug Stresses Impact of SSRF in Public Cloud

More than 3,100 Jira instances are still vulnerable to a server-side request forgery vulnerability patched in August.
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Critical Vulnerability Found in Docker Copy

Unit 42, the threat intelligence team at Palo Alto Networks, has released research on a proof of concept for what the company claims might be the most severe Docker copy command (“docker cp”) vulnerability yet to be discovered.
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Hackers target transportation and shipping companies in new trojan malware campaign

Previously unknown malicious tools are being deployed in cyberattacks being conducted by a group researchers have named xHunt - after anime references used in their campaigns.
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5 keys to protect your supply chain from cyberattacks

The SANS Institute recently identified the key components to keep your supply chain secure. Here's why industry experts believe they are important.
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12 Most Exciting Cybersecurity Technologies To Watch At Black Hat 2019

CRN asks 12 executives, sales and technical leaders attending Black Hat 2019 which cybersecurity technologies they're most excited to see come to fruition and how customers and solution providers will benefit.
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America Needs a Whole-of-Society Approach to Cybersecurity. ‘Grand Challenges’ Can Help

In the fifty years since our nation responded to an audacious call to put a man on the moon, we’ve come to idealize not just the achievement itself but how it was achieved—against impossible odds and through force of will and collective action.
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Critical Bug In Harbor Container Registry Gives Admin Access

Attackers can exploit a critical security vulnerability in Harbor cloud native registry for container images to obtain admin privileges on a vulnerable hosting system.
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Critical Vulnerability Exposes Harbor Registries to Attacks

Harbor registries with default settings are impacted by a vulnerability that allows any user to elevate privileges to administrator, Palo Alto Networks reports.
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Free Cybersecurity Training Now Available for U.S. Veterans

A new and free cybersecurity training and certification program called Second Watch has been launched today by Palo Alto Networks to help U.S. veterans find new careers in cybersecurity after their military service is over.
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Monitoring the growing sophistication of PKPLUG.

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 have been tracking a Chinese cyber espionage group they've named PKPLUG.
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32,000+ WiFi Routers Potentially Exposed to New Gafgyt Variant

Researchers detect an updated Gafgyt variant that targets flaws in small office and home wireless routers from Zyxel, Huawei, and Realtek.
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This aggressive IoT malware is forcing Wi-Fi routers to join its botnet army

Gafgyt has been updated with new capabilities, and it spreads by killing rival malware.
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How can we help employees care about cybersecurity?

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How to negotiate with hackers

When your files are held to ransom, there are ways to get them back safely and securely
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Automation Technology Can Enhance Federal Cybersecurity

AI and machine learning tools free up workers to focus on major threats.
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As America Races to Deploy 5G, Cybersecurity Firms Try to Keep Up

Palo Alto Networks is working to keep up with this rapid deployment on the cybersecurity front. Scott Stevens, CTO of the Global Service Providers business at Palo Alto Networks, joined Cheddar to discuss.
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Docker Containers Riddled with Graboid Crypto-Worm

A worm with a randomized propagation method is spreading via the popular container technology.
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Cryptojacking Worm Targets and Infects 2,000 Docker Hosts

Basic and 'inept' worm managed to compromise Docker hosts by exploiting misconfigurations.
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Unsecured Docker Hosts Attacked by New Graboid Cryptojacking Worm

A new cryptojacking campaign was discovered using Docker images to deliver a worm that follows a seemingly erratic plan where the miner is active for about four minutes at a time on an infected host.
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'Graboid' Crypto-Jacking Worm Targets Docker Hosts

Palo Alto Networks’ security researchers have identified what appears to be the first crypto-jacking worm that spreads using Docker containers.
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Palo Alto Networks launches new version of Demisto SOAR platform

New features to the Demisto platform include a customizable user interface, threat intelligence, database scaling and a mobile app providing chat support and updates for users.
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State-sponsored Chinese hackers have been targeting Southeast Asia since 2013

Researchers have revealed a previously undocumented threat actor of Chinese origin that has run at least six different cyber espionage campaigns in the Southeast Asian region since 2013.
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Chinese cyberespionage group PKPLUG uses custom and off-the-shelf tools

A previously unknown group or collective associated with China is targeting victims in Asia, possibly for geopolitical gain.
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Cyber espionage actor PKPLUG keeps plugging away at targeting SE Asia

Drawing on three years of investigatory work, researchers have assembled a detailed playbook on PKPLUG, a suspected Chinese threat actor targeting Asians with an assortment of malware used for cyber espionage purposes.
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Report: 'PKPLUG' Espionage Campaign Targets Southeast Asia

Unit 42 Researchers Describe Malware Attacks That May Have Ties to China
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