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New variants of Mirai botnet detected, targeting more IoT devices

Palo Alto Networks researchers spot versions for 5 more processors in the wild.
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How nation-state hacking groups are changing their TTPs

Jen Miller-Osborn, Deputy Director of Threat Intelligence for Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42, breaks down all of the research their unit has issued with regard to nation-state-linked APTs.
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With changing security landscape and increasing compute power and threat vectors, 5G security needs to embrace a holistic protection approach that includes not just the networks, but the end user and IoT devices. Learn about Palo Alto Networks' approach to 5G security with Scott Stevens, CTO for service providers at Palo Alto Networks.
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New Mirai malware variant targets enterprise devices

Cyber attacks attempts to deploy the keylogging, screenshot-taking, password-stealing Cardinal RAT malware.
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This updated trojan malware campaign targets fintech and cryptocurrency trading companies

Cyber attacks attempts to deploy the keylogging, screenshot-taking, password-stealing Cardinal RAT malware.
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Brace yourselves: New variant of Mirai takes aim at a new crop of IoT devices

Virulent malware updated to add 11 new exploits.
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Attack scale dictates ‘zero-trust’ cybersecurity approach for Palo Alto Networks

Just how significant is the threat activity by malicious actors against the global cybercommunity? One major cybersecurity company offers a hint of the current level of attacks.
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How Palo Alto Networks Realigned Its Partner Program

Most businesses standardize on couple of server, network and storage vendors but are forced to use dozens of security vendors. Palo Alto Networks uses its platform security approach to enable partners to add their IP under the umbrella of a single provider.
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How Superforecasting Can Help Improve Cyber-Security Risk Assessment

Understanding and evaluating risk is always a hot top for security professionals.
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#RSAC: 99 Security Products and You Still Got Breached

Despite a proliferation of security tools, breaches continue to happen.
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Cyber Security Today: What to expect from RSA Conference with Palo Alto Networks

The annual RSA Security Conference officially kicked off Tuesday morning with keynotes from host RSA, Cisco Systems and the FBI.
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Palo Alto Networks Accelerates Security in PAN-OS 9.0 Update

New release of Palo Alto Network's core operating system platform adds multiple new features including a DNS security service and a Policy Optimizer capability.
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Europe, data and diversity — and HR’s own changing role

Human resources experts identify top priorities for the profession in 2019
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Palo Alto Networks and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

Palo Alto Networks and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
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Palo Alto Networks Revamps Partner Program, Brings MSP Program to Fore

The latest partner-program update comes on the heels of significant C-level change.
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Palo Alto Networks: Mac malware steals your cryptocurrency exchange cookies

Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 security division recently discovered malware that targets the Mac platform and enables hackers to steal browser cookies, or login credentials, associated with mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet service websites.
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Researchers Discover Malware That Targets Apple Mac Computers and Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you ever check bitcoin prices on a cryptocurrency exchange, make sure you delete your digital cookies.
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5. Coin miner may be the first to uninstall cloud security products

A cluster of attempted digital robberies at West African financial institutions appear to have been imitating the North Korea-linked Lazarus Group's run of heists, according to Symantec.
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Rocke coinminer disables cloud protection agents

A group of hackers that specializes in infecting servers with cryptocurrency mining software has started disabling security software agents used in cloud environments to evade detection. Known as Rocke in the security industry, the group has been active since at least April 2018 and is known for exploiting critical vulnerabilities in web application frameworks and servers like Apache Struts, Oracle WebLogic and Adobe ColdFusion.
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Here's where a cybersecurity firm CEO thinks data security is...

Nikesh Arora, CEO at Palo Alto Networks, joins "Squawk Box" at the World Economic Forums at Davos to discuss data security and the digital future.
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Rocke malware disables cloud security before mining cryptocurrency

A new Linux cryptocurrency mining malware used by the Rocke group can evade detection from cloud security protocols by disabling them.
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Researchers identify malware that can dismantle cloud security protections

A team of researchers have identified a new kind of malware that they say can remove cloud security products.
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Attackers Take New Approach to Installing Cryptominers

An attacker group known as Rocke is taking a new approach to installing unauthorized cryptocurrency mining software on cloud servers: They're taking control of systems and uninstalling existing cloud security software.
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‘Shift left’ prevents missteps that lead to 90% of breaches in cloud computing

Lugging workloads from on-premises to public cloud is straining when done with flimsy security policies.
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Fine-Tuning the Security Operations Center

Kerry Matre of Palo Alto Networks Describes How to Structure a Nimble SOC
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The Cybersecurity 202: Trump is getting tough on Chinese hacking. Will it work?

The Trump administration is prepping a slate of get-tough measures against Chinese government-linked hackers — including indictments, a naming and shaming campaign by multiple federal agencies and possible sanctions against hackers and the organizations that back them.
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49% of Cloud Databases Left Unencrypted

Businesses also leave information vulnerable in the cloud by failing to implement MFA and configure Kubernetes settings, new research reveals.
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Palo Alto Networks to provide new 5G-ready firewall security product

Cybersecurity researchers have detected new spearphishing and malicious-email campaigns associated with two Russian-government-linked hacking groups known for breaching the Democratic National Committee in 2016.
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Palo Alto Networks to launch next-gen firewall for 5G networks

5G networks will bring more speed, less latency and probably more security headaches. Enter Palo Alto Networks, which will court carriers who will be on the hook for securing 5G.
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