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Palo Alto Ups Partner Investments

Palo Alto Networks multiplies their presence by investing in partners.
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Sourcefire Releases Next-Next-Gen Firewall

What’s better than a firewall? If you ask the folks at Palo Alto Networks, they’ll say a next-generation firewall that’s application-aware and able to dynamically block threats.
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WatchGuard, SonicWall Extend VPNs to iOS

SonicWall and WatchGuard Technologies are the latest security vendors to enter the Apple security fray, but their approach is a little different: They’re using VPNs to provide security and policy management to iPhones and iPads.
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Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, Palo Alto among firms in security contest

In the security popularity contest of the moment, Cisco and Juniper are down and Palo Alto Networks and Check Point are up when it comes to network firewalls, according to one research firm.
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Palo Alto Networks CEO: How To Keep Momentum Going

CEO Mark McLaughlin says red-hot network security upstart Palo Alto Networks will double down on R&D and channel resources.
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Palo Alto Networks CEO: Keep The Focus, Keep The Momentum

Mark McLaughlin's been in the tech industry long enough to know that when a company has as much momentum as Palo Alto Networks does, priority one is making sure that momentum doesn't slow.
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Security Manager's Journal: Sensitive company data gets released into the wild

If you don't think it's a big challenge to protect sensitive company information and intellectual property, listen to this story.
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Palo Alto Networks: Are These The Channel's Happiest VARs?

As one the more frequently buzzed-about companies in the network security space, Palo Alto Networks has made quite a splash with its so-called next generation firewalls, which manage applications and content by user instead of IP address or port.
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The Top 10 Innovators Of 2011

Palo Alto's McLaughlin, who previously served as VeriSign's chief, is poised to take the fast-growing network security upstart to the next level with his penchant for focusing on innovative new products and the value of the channel in getting them to market. Partners say he "gets the channel" and McLaughlin intends to prove it.
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Taking the Leap to Cloud-Based Malware Inspection

Is desktop anti-virus dead? Someday I'd love to make that announcement, but it still feels to me that there's a Patron Saint of Voodoo with an affinity for bringing it back to life — like some macabre mirror image of the malicious zombies it's supposed to provide protection against.
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Palo Alto Extends Security to Apple Devices

Palo Alto Networks, the vendor that practically invented next-generation firewall technology and branding, is moving beyond its core products with three new offerings to extend security protection to Apple devices, provide branch offices with security protections and stomp out malware threats.
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Palo Alto Networks Launches Branch-Office Security Solution

Palo Alto Networks launched PA-200 firewall for branch offices; GlobalProtect to protect remote Apple iPads, iPhones and Mac OS X devices; and its WildFire anti-malware service.
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Palo Alto gives firewalls a cloud-based anti-malware sandbox with WildFire

Network security company Palo Alto Networks on Monday introduced a new anti-malware product for on-premises firewalls known as WildFire, which vets new and unknown files in a virtual sandbox to see if they're a new piece of malware, and then creates a distributable signature if they're determined to actually be bad files.
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Palo Alto Networks Extends "Cloud Firewall" To iOS

Sophisticated enterprise perimeter protection is now available to managed iOS devices through Palo Alto Networks' GlobalProtect.
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Debate Over Facebook Use At Work Gets New Compromise From Palo Alto Networks Firewall

The ongoing back-and-forth between whether or not to allow Facebook at work doesn’t have to be black-and-white anymore: Palo Alto Networks is offering a solution with a touch of grey.
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Building a Firewall for the Facebook Generation

For the past 15 years or so, security pros have relied on the trusty firewall and other hardware to keep bad guys from running amok on corporate networks.
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Can't stop the tweet: the peril—and promise—of social networking for IT

In 2009, over 300 sensitive company documents, including financial projections and office security codes, were stolen from a Twitter employee's Google Docs account.
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30 Notable IT Executive Moves: August 2011

It was one of the most closely watched CEO selections in the security space this year, and several high profile candidates were mentioned as angling for the job.
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25 Hot Security Products To Watch

The PA-5060 next-generation firewall from Palo Alto Networks is designed to protect data centers, large enterprise Internet gateways, and service provider environments where traffic demands dictate predictable firewall and threat prevention throughput.
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Palo Alto Network Aggressively Pursues MSSPs

Less than a month after naming a new CEO, next-gen firewall developer Palo Alto Networks is reconfirming its commitment to channel growth with an announcement this week of partnerships with some of the biggest managed service providers in the security market.
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Palo Alto Networks Finally Names New CEO

McAfee’s Dave DeWalt is not the new CEO of Palo Alto Networks. The next-generation firewall pioneer surprised many yesterday when it announced the appointment of Mark McLaughlin, the CEO of VeriSign, as its new leader.
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Palo Alto Networks Hires VeriSign Ex-CEO McLaughlin Ahead of Possible IPO

Palo Alto Networks Inc., a security software company that’s considering an initial public offering, has hired Mark McLaughlin as chief executive officer, following his resignation from VeriSign Inc. last week.
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RSA Breach Opens Door for New Security

RSA, the security division of EMC, is trying to contain the damage caused by hackers who penetrated its network and compromised technical specifications for its SecurID token-based multifactor authentication system.
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Palo Alto Extends Reach through OEM Partners

Palo Alto Networks is a brash security vendor that believes its playing the role of disruptor in the staid security market with its high-performance, multifunction firewalls. Competitors have dismissed the upstart as having little room to expand features and functionality beyond its core value proposition. The answer: Take on complementary partners that round out the features and functionality of a firewall.
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Firewall rules management fine-tunes operations

Organizations have been building security into their business infrastructure to avoid incurring additional acquisition and operational costs from standalone security products.
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