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Engineers Fix the Shortcomings of the Traditional Firewall

Sometimes, the problems we experience with computers are a result of a legacy design. Hardware or software might have been architected 10 or 20 years ago when the world of computing was vastly different from the way it is today. As a result, the product in use today isn't as effective as it could be because of aging or obsolete design.

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Firewalls Failing to Protect Banks, Says Security Expert

Banks are spending more than they need on technology they would not miss, according to network security pioneer Nir Zuk

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Texas A&M Deploys Palo Alto Networks Firewalls for Improved Network Security

Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) houses the Texas Maritime Academy, which is one of six state maritime academies in the U.S. preparing graduates as officers in the United States Merchant Marine.

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More Comments Made on Debate About the Relevancy of the Firewall

The firewall is still relevant but needs a complete overhaul for it to work efficiently. Commenting on the issue raised by the SC Studio debate on the future of the firewall, Lee Klarich, vice president of product management at Palo Alto Networks, stated that the firewall is definitely not dead, but traditional firewalls are so far behind the application and threat developers that it sometimes feels like it.

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Palo Alto: Can They Revolutionize Network Security?

The emergence of Palo Alto Networks (hereby referred to as 'Palo Alto') has undoubtedly injected a lot of buzz into the network security segment that has been devoid of any epochal leap, ever since the introduction of stateful inspection and the marriage between firewall technology and IPSec VPN gateways.

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The Case for Application Enablement

What do LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging and Wikis have in common? According to this article, they are increasingly used within enterprises with a quarter of organizations actually rolling out these types of tools across all departments, up from 12% in the previous survey.

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Palo Alto Exposes Firewall Rivals

Palo Alto Networks makes no bones about it: "It's time to fix the firewall." The network security vendor prides itself on partnering with leading-edge, innovative partners that want more than just basic firewall functionality.

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WAN Management: Palo Alto Adds Traffic Shaping, QoS, to Firewalls

By adding new firewall traffic shaping and quality of service (QoS) capabilities, Palo Alto Networks is trying to transform the role of the firewall from traffic cop to a WAN management technology.

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Palo Alto Introduces Latest Version of PAN-OS to Integrate Quality of Service and Fully Integrated SSL VPN Remote Access

Palo Alto Networks has announced the launch of the PAN-OS 3.0 operating system software for firewalls.

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New Products Aim to Control Rogue Applications that Avoid Firewalls

Many companies struggle to control what applications run on their networks, leaving them open to malware infection and the leakage of confidential information.

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Palo Alto Exposes Firewall Rivals

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Corporate Users Increasingly Skirt Security Infrastructures

In a recent assessment, organizations had an average of 156 applications traversing their networks -- some of which pose a danger to the organization while others provide a benefit, researchers have found.

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The Next Generation Firewalls

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How To Secure Use of Web 2.0

You don't want to become the Pete Hoekstra of your company. He's a connected guy. And that's the problem.

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US Firewall Firm Blazes Path to Asia

Silicon Valley startup claims its "next-gen" firewall technology lets users control applications in its corporate network, and can save them money in bad times.

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The Majority of Traffic on WANs is HTTP

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