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Security Risks Rise as Enterprises Go Social

Sure, social networks are all the rage on the consumer Web, and industry observers have noted that enterprises aren't far behind. But the rush to embrace social technologies carries a heightened security risk, experts warn.
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Social Networking Risks Under Little Control

While social media is pervasive in organizations worldwide, usage has far outpaced controls, according to the latest study conducted by Palo Alto Networks.
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Magic Quadrant Says Now is the Time for Next-Generation Firewalls

You've heard the buzz about next-generation firewalls -- intelligent firewalls that dig deeper than port number and into application visibility.
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Facebook, Google Apps Use Soars in Enterprises, Security Firm Says

Palo Alto Networks surveyed Web application usage at 347 organizations and found Facebook, Twitter and other programs for communications and collaboration are all being used in enterprises to a great degree. Some 22 Google applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Wave, showed particularly strong usage, according to research from the network security firm.
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Security: Shining a Spotlight on Social Media Risks

New reports from Palo Alto Networks and Webroot indicate that security consciousness is growing among social networkers but so are the risks, especially in highly regulated industries. Channel Insider takes a closer look at what this means for the channel.
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Enterprise Networking: Google Apps, Facebook Devour Enterprise Network Bandwidth

Palo Alto Networks surveyed Web application usage at 347 organizations and found Facebook, Twitter and other programs for communications and collaboration are all being used in enterprises to a great degree. Some 22 Google applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Wave, showed particularly strong usage, according to research from the network security firm.
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Tech Apocalypse: Five Doomsday Scenarios for IT

Technology drives just about everything we do, and not just at our jobs. From banks to hospitals to the systems that keep the juice flowing to our homes, we are almost entirely dependent on tech. More and more of these systems are interconnected, and many of them are vulnerable. We see it almost every day.
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Innovation is Discovered at RSA 2010

The RSA Conference is wrapping up, and it was a much more upbeat experience than the past couple of years. Exhibitors were happy with the booth traffic, many interviewed executives reported sizable year-over-year revenue gains, and most were optimistic about prospects for the balance of 2010.
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Cell user? Online Networker? Prepare to be Hacked!

With the hue and cry at this year’s RSA Security Conference in San Francisco about the lack of security for users in the mobile “cloud,” it begs the question: what are people doing about it?
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Products of the Week

Next-generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks combine three identification technologies to provide the unprecedented visibility and policy control over applications, users and content – all in a high-performance firewall platform.
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How to Safely Enable Enterprise 2.0 Applications in the Workplace

The adoption and usage of Enterprise 2.0 applications in the workplace is growing at astronomical rates. While there is ample proof of the business benefits of their use, there continue to be major security and compliance risks associated with them.
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Social Networking Everywhere

The growth of applications like Twitter and Facebook over the last year has been astounding. At Palo Alto Networks, Worldwide Marketing VP Rene Bonvanie says that presents a problem for many employers.
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Powerful Firewall Protection

Firewalls first came out in the late 1980s when security breaches drew attention to the need to make networks more secure. In those early days, just having a firewall made a network more secure, because hackers hadn’t yet written applications that could get around it. But as hackers have created new applications, the firewall has become like a utility belt with more and more necessary gadgets—URL filtering, content filtering, intrusion detection—to block new threats that can dodge the firewall’s port-based security.
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A Key Benefit of Next-Generation Firewalls: More Sleep

There’s a great article on SearchEnterpriseWAN about a Palo Alto Networks customer. IDT spoke to SearchEnterpriseWAN about its experiences using next-generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks, and discussed some of the benefits and changes their team recognized in managing security across their enterprise.
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Global Carrier Simplifies WAN Security with Next-Generation Firewalls

Wide area network (WAN) operations should include more than security management, but one global telecom operator drowning in thousands of firewall requests for its data centers around the world found little time to do much else.
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The Top 100 IT Projects of 2009

2009 InfoWorld 100 Awards: IT remains the lifeblood of forward-thinking organizations, as this year's recipients of InfoWorld's highest honor attest.
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IDT Corporation Deploys Palo Alto's PA-4000 Series Next-Gen Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks, a provider of next-generation enterprise firewalls, has announced that its PA-4000 Series firewalls have been selected by IDT Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company that delivers local, long-distance and calling card services.
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Palo Alto Networks Preps For (Another) Channel Close-Up

A year that began with a somewhat confusing channel development for Palo Alto Networks is set to end with the company's foot on the gas pedal.
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Campus Technology

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Study: Social Networks, Google Docs Becoming Business Applications

The use of Facebook, Twitter and Google Docs in the workplace has increased dramatically in the past six months and their crossover from personal to business applications is accelerating, according to a new study released Monday.
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Social Networking Use Reaches Very High Levels as Businesses Continue To Be Unprepared Against Risks

Companies have outdated IT infrastructure and usage policies that may fail to protect them from growing risks.
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Web 2.0 Becomes More Popular at Work but Brings Risks Too, Report Says

If you use one of those ever-popular social networking applications for work purposes, or just for personal business while on the job, then you aren't alone, according to a recent industry report, but such usage can harm your network security as well.
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Social Nets’ Usage ‘Explodes’ And So Do Security Risks, Report Says

The use of social networking and collaborative applications for business purposes has 'skyrocketed in the past six months. With increased adoption of Web-based applications come new business and security risks that go far beyond potential productivity losses.
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Enterprises Demand Next-Generation Firewalls with IPS, App Visibility

The days of the first-generation firewall are numbered as enterprises begin to demand more from these venerable network security devices than just standard port and protocol protection.
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Next-Generation Firewall Defined By Gartner

Greg Young and John Pescatore just authored an excellent note on next-generation firewalls. In the note, “Defining the Next-Generation Firewall,” Greg and John do an excellent job laying out the definition, the requirements, and their recommendations for next-generation firewalls in the enterprise.
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Engineers Fix the Shortcomings of the Traditional Firewall

Sometimes, the problems we experience with computers are a result of a legacy design. Hardware or software might have been architected 10 or 20 years ago when the world of computing was vastly different from the way it is today. As a result, the product in use today isn't as effective as it could be because of aging or obsolete design.
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Firewalls Failing to Protect Banks, Says Security Expert

Banks are spending more than they need on technology they would not miss, according to network security pioneer Nir Zuk
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Texas A&M Deploys Palo Alto Networks Firewalls for Improved Network Security

Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) houses the Texas Maritime Academy, which is one of six state maritime academies in the U.S. preparing graduates as officers in the United States Merchant Marine.
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