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Double trouble: TwoFace webshell linked to malicious websites targeting Israeli institutions

An analysis of a recently discovered webshell used to harvest credentials from an unnamed Middle Eastern organization has unearthed a complex malicious infrastructure that appears to be targeting Israeli institutions and may possibly be linked to the Iranian APT group OilRig, according to researchers.

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Women in Tech Tell Us how to Fix the Industry's Gender Problem

VICE News asked women who work in tech how they’d fix the industry’s gender gap, and they pointed to three main areas for improvement: hiring, education, and retention. We spoke to women at various stages of their careers to find out which of these areas needs the biggest push.

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Malware Investigation Leads To Sophisticated Mideast Threat Network

The infrastructure behind a web shell used in an attack earlier this year suggests methodical and purposeful threat actors, Palo Alto Networks says.

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The impact of DevOps on your bottom line

DevOps is the most important innovation to the IT sector since the invention of the personal computer. Nearly everyone I have talked to in my travels, these past few years, says they are building their own DevOps shop.

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Telefónica, Palo Alto Networks Launch Cloud-Based Security Software

Telefónica, working with Palo Alto Networks, has launched a software service that provides a cloud-based security layer over customers’ Internet access. The Spain-based service provider natively embedded the new service, Clean Pipes 2.0, into its platforms. It is available now to Telefónica Business Solutions’ multinational customers.

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Palo Alto Networks CEO: We Are Now Bigger Than Check Point, Fast Approaching Size Of Cisco's Security Business

Palo Alto Networks CEO Mark McLaughlin said there is soon going to be a new biggest network security company on the block.

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John Davis of Palo Alto Networks Discusses The Security Landscape

John Davis has seen cyberthreats from both the public and private sector. Currently serving as the Vice President and Federal Chief Security Officer at cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks, Davis is responsible for expanding cybersecurity initiatives and improving policy for organizations and governments around the world.

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When It Comes to IoT Security, Consistency Is Key

Each day, businesses are connecting thousands of devices to the internet. From conference room smart TVs to thermostats, most of these devices were purpose-built to perform a single function without security in mind. While this influx of technology is instrumental to the evolution of our digital age, it also presents a new layer of risk to organizations. With Gartner projecting the number of connected devices to reach 20 billion by 2020, even a small percentage of infected devices could present a major security threat to broader systems and networks.

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Criminals use Android breakthrough so user accepts to download apps without knowing

Researchers at Unit 42, the Palo Alto Networks team, have found a vulnerability in all versions of the Android operating system prior to the recent release, version 8.0 Oreo - that is, virtually all Android smartphones sold in Brazil. Through it, criminals can offer applications that create fake screens on smartphones. These screens overlap the true screen and thus conceal malicious action.

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Android’s gap facilitates the creation of false screens

Security company Palo Alto Networks issued an alert on Thursday that company experts have found a vulnerability in Android that allows applications to create fake screens that overlap the original screen to deceive the owner of the phone. The attack circumvents two protections existing in Android to prevent this type of fraud.

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Patch your Android device to foil Toast Overlay attacks

Overlay attacks are nothing new for Android users, and Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers have found yet another way for attackers to perpetrate them.

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New Android 'Toast' Vuln Makes Overlay Attacks Easier

The vast majority of Android devices are at risk of a 'Toast' overlay attack that builds on Cloak and Dagger exploits. The bug could lead to remote control of the device unless Google's latest security patch is applied.

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Fortune's 2017 Change The World List

More companies than ever are using the profit motive to solve a multitude of societal problems. Here’s Fortune's third annual list of the best of them, Palo Alto Networks ranked #49.

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Researchers Reveal New Toast Overlay Attack on Android Devices

Mobile security experts from Palo Alto Networks have detailed a new attack on Android devices that uses "Toast" notifications to help malware in obtaining admin rights or access to Android's Accessibility service — often used to take over users’ smartphones.

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We're a company that really values diversity: Palo Alto Networks CEO

Mark McLaughlin, Palo Alto Networks CEO, weighs in on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and DACA.

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ElTest campaign switches payload from ransomware to RAT

A social engineering scam orchestrated by the ElTest hacking group just had its final payload switched from ransomware to a remote access trojan, indicating a possible change in motive, researchers at Palo Alto Networks have reported.

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Big IoT Security Benefits From Service Providers Thinking Small

Industry discussions about the Internet of Things (IoT) usually quote big numbers -- e.g., 30 billion connected devices by 2022 and a global IoT market valued at $14.4 trillion. For service providers, there is an urgent need to scale up, meet those new network requirements, and capture their share of the IoT market opportunity.

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Palo Alto Networks Rinki Sethi on increasing diversity in cybersecurity

Rinki Sethi, senior director of security operations and strategy for Palo Alto Networks, spends a lot of time thinking about how to attract a more diverse workforce in the cybersecurity field, where only 11% of workers are women.

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The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 08.21.17

Palo Alto Networks Rick Howard discusses the fading popularity of the Rig exploit kit.

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How to track down the infrastructure supporting malware distribution

A good CISO always looks for ways to increase the skills of staff – in fact, it’s a necessity given the constantly changing threat landscape. One way to flex the muscles of the threat hunting team might be to take a look at a blog this week from Jeff White of Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 threat intelligence team, who writes about how he investigated another in a long series of PowerShell attacks.

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North Korea Hacking: US Defense Contractors Targeted By Hacking Group

Hackers with believed ties to the North Korean government have taken to targeting defense contractors working with the United States government, according to security researchers. Network and enterprise security company Palo Alto Networks released new research Monday that suggested Lazarus Group, a collective of hackers who are often linked to North Korea, are behind a number of cyber attacks aimed at defense industry companies.

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Lazarus Group tied to new phishing campaign targeting defense industry workers

According to a blog post by Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 division, this newly discovered campaign uses the same infrastructure, tools, tactics, and files that were employed in the 2014 Sony Pictures hack, as well as a recent campaign, detailed in April, that targeted Korean-speaking individuals.

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Network defender innovation: time to throw out the old best practices

We have reached a tipping point, a point in our community’s evolution where the security vendor mambo is no longer sustainable.

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Multimillion-pound fines for failing to stop cyberattacks

NHS trusts, water and energy companies, the highways agency and other organisations that provide essential infrastructure services could face fines of millions of pounds if they fail to protect themselves from cyberattacks.

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Cyberattack Advances Complicate Company Communications

The rising number of cyberattacks and the increasing level of sophistication of these events are creating pressures on companies to make sure their IT teams are communicating threats to their C-suites and boards in a way that they can understand. We asked three experts–Rick Howard of security firm Palo Alto Networks Inc.; Suzie Smibert, chief information security officer for Finning International Inc., a distributor of Caterpillar products; and Ed Stroz, co-founder of security company StrozFriedberg–to talk about how to bridge this communications gap.

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Tick threat group linked to multiple malware families

According to a Monday blog post from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 threat research team, Tick's Daserf malware (aka Muirim, Nioupalewas) has been observed sharing infrastructure with the backdoors Invader and Minzen, the trojans Gh0st RAT and 9002 RAT, and the downloader HomamDownloader.

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New cyber security consortium leads to open data, security platform for companies

The uninitiated might be forgiven for thinking that Palo Alto Networks is, well, a networking company, but its 40,000 customers know better. Palo Alto Networks is all about security and, along with McAfee, Fortinet, Symantec, Cisco, and Check Point, it is a founding member of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), a new consortium that shares threat information among its members and will produce playbooks (the first one is due this fall) that describe malware campaigns in detail to help its members more quickly address them.

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Girl Scouts offers merit badges for making friends, painting and horseback riding. Up next: cybersecurity

By selling Thin Mints and Tagalongs in kindergarten, Elizabeth Lewelling earned Girl Scout badges for customer service and managing money. The 12-year-old from Palmdale is one of 1.8 million Girl Scouts nationwide who will have the opportunity starting in 2018 to adorn their vests, tunics and sashes with merit badges for information security.

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Exploit attacker playbooks to improve security

Rick Howard lines up a Security Slap Shot on improving security by going after attacker playbooks. High-performance teams rely on defined processes. Sometimes these are called playbooks. Turns out disciplined attackers use playbooks, too.

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Virginia's cybersecurity training program for veterans begins producing

Cyber Vets Virginia, an governor's initiative launched last year designed to match military veterans with the state's vacant cybersecurity jobs, is beginning to produce graduates, a manager of the program told StateScoop.

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