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Nigerian Email Scammer Princes Aren’t a Joke

Nigerian Email Scammer Princes Aren’t A Joke, Stealing Over $3 Billion In 2017
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Nigerian cyber attackers up their game

Nigerian cyber attackers have modernised their approach to cyber crime, security researchers warn
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Researchers detect rise in attacks from Nigerian cyber criminals

Researchers detect rise in attacks from Nigerian cyber criminals
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Phishing alert: Hacking gang turns to new tactics in malware campaign

Security company warns 'SilverTerrier' group poses a threat to businesses.
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Palo Alto Networks CEO Mark McLaughlin: Security "is a software fight"

Palo Alto Networks CEO Mark McLaughlin: Security "is a software fight"
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A 'playbook' for every APT

Palo Alto's Ryan Olson on APT playbooks
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Dark Reading: Automation Exacerbates Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Three out of four security pros say the more automated AI products they bring in, the harder it is to find trained staff to run the tools.
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CSO: RSA roundup: 5 security vendors CISOs need to be aware of

The madness known as the RSA Security Conference took place last week in San Francisco. The event featured somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 vendors and over 40,000 users, making it by far the largest security conference.
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SC Media: 'SquirtDanger' Swiss Army Knife malware steals cryptocurrency, takes screenshots

Palo Alto's Unit 42 researchers identified a new botnet malware family described as “Swiss Army Knife Malware” that was designed by a veteran threat actor and is capable of taking screenshots and draining cryptocurrency wallets.
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The Internet Of (SECURE) Things Checklist

In October 2016, as a botnet strung together by the Mirai malware launched the biggest distributed denial-of-service attack in history, I was, appropriately enough, giving a talk on the Internet of Things (IoT) security and privacy at the Grace Hopper Conference. As I learned of the attack, and as questions came in from the audience about the malware, I knew that the topic of my session could not have been more timely. In this instance, and in countless others, IoT security is a core issue. Security professionals need to be concerned about insecure devices.
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Palo Alto Networks CEO: Consolidation thwarts innovation

Palo Alto Networks CEO: Consolidation thwarts innovation
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5 Ways to Get Ready for Public Cloud Deployment

For many organizations, the public cloud has become the sole route to market for new product introductions. This cloud infrastructure is owned and managed by a third party, freeing up the organization from the maintenance and cost that comes with a private cloud setup. With that, speed and scale are the main reasons why developers are moving to the public cloud, and now is the best time for security teams to tighten their partnerships with product development and IT teams.
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Palo Alto Networks brings cloud management option, new UI to Traps endpoint protection

Traps has also been better integrated with the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, something that is likely to please channel partners. So will the increased channel enablement around this Traps release.
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The CyberWire Daily Podcast

In today's podcast, we hear that AMD continues its investigation of the backdoors and other vulnerabilities CTS Labs publicly disclosed. That disclosure remains controversial. BlackTDS offers malware distribution as-a-service on the black market.
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Having a boardroom conversation about cybersecurity and material risk

I know a lot of persuasive folks in the cybersecurity community who can easily conjure up a dozen different cyberattack scenarios detailed enough to scare the socks off any board member. Many of us have been hearing about these hypothetical disasters for a decade or longer.
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ComboJack malware steals digital payments, cryptocurrency, by modifying info saved to clipboards

Researchers have discovered a new malware that steals cryptocurrency and other electronic funds by surreptitiously modifying wallet or payment information whenever victims copy it to their devices' clipboards.
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International Women's Day: Girls Scouts of the USA readying cybersecurity badge

International Women's Day is a great time to bring up the fact that the young members of the Girl Scouts of the USA will soon be able to do their part to help buttress the number of women in cybersecurity by working toward earning badges in that exact skill.
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ComboJack Malware Steals Multiple Virtual Currencies

A newly discovered piece of malware is capable of stealing a variety of crypto-coins from its victims by replacing legitimate wallet addresses with that of the attacker. Dubbed ComboJack, the malware performs its nefarious activity by monitoring the user clipboard and replacing targeted addresses there. This is the same technique that was recently observed being used by the Evrial Trojan and the CryptoShuffler malware, but the new threat targets multiple virtual currencies.
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ComboJack Trojan Replaces Cryptocurrency Addresses Copied to Windows Clipboard

Security researchers have discovered a new malware strain that is capable of detecting when users copy a cryptocurrency address to the Windows clipboard. The malware works by replacing this address with one owned by its author.
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Girl Scouts fight cybercrime with new cybersecurity badge

If you think being a Girl Scout is all camping, crafting, and cooking, think again. For the first time, millions of Girl Scouts nationwide are taking on hacking and cybercrime as they work towards earning newly introduced cybersecurity badges.
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Palo Alto Networks introduces new hardware, firewall

California-based security company Palo Alto Networks rolled out updates to one of its operating systems and launched a new firewall for industrial settings.
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Palo Alto Networks Releases New Rugged Firewall

Palo Alto Networks on Tuesday announced that it has updated its PAN-OS operating system and released a new next-generation firewall designed for use in industrial and other harsh environments.
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The CyberWire Daily Podcast

In today's podcast we hear that SWIFT fraud has hit an Indian lender. North Korean hacking continues, even during the DPRK's Winter Olympics charm offensive.
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Palo Alto Networks extends security to the big 3 public cloud

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform expands security to all major public cloud services: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.
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How do you measure cybersecurity risk?

Rick Howard talks about using tools to reduce the manual response aspect of reacting to a cybersecurity event. He details his definition of terms like extensibility and flexibility when it comes to managing federal resources. During the interview, he talks about concepts like the cyber kill chain, doxing, and threat intelligence sharing.
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Hiring Cloud Talent Will Improve Cybersecurity

The use of advanced cloud technologies will require a security strategy that matches the requirements of cloud products and services themselves.
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Palo Alto Networks makes Magnifier behavioral analytics app first in new Application Framework

The technology which comes from last year’s LightCyber acquisition, has now been integrated into Palo Alto Networks’ new cloud platform.
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Detecting and Stopping the Stealthiest Threats With Behavioral Analytics

When attackers gain a foothold in the network, they use their privileges to explore their surroundings, expand their realm of control and achieve their ultimate objective: stealing, modifying or destroying sensitive data. Blending in with legitimate users, they can infiltrate organizations and dwell inside networks for months or even years without being detected.
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Palo Alto Networks launches new cloud-based user behaviour analytics application

The Calif.-based security firm has released Magnifier, a cloud-based behavioral analytics application that allows organizations to rapidly identify and prevent threats on their network.
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Up to 30M Systems Impacted by Unauthorized Monero Mining Campaign

Palo Alto Networks is warning of a new cryptocurrency mining attack that is using URL shorteners as a way to infect victims' systems.
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Displaying 31 to 60 of 1602