Extends Prisma Access with New SD-WAN and DLP Capabilities


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2019  -- Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, today announced new cloud-delivered software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities in Prisma™ Access, the industry's most comprehensive secure access service edge (SASE) platform. As a complete SASE solution, Prisma Access delivers end-to-end networking and security services from a globally distributed cloud platform. 

Adoption of cloud technology and increased user mobility have fundamentally changed the way that network and security infrastructure must be built. The emerging SASE model addresses limitations of traditional architectures by converging networking and security in the cloud. According to Gartner, "Enterprise demand for cloud-based SASE capabilities, and market competition and consolidation, will redefine enterprise network and network security architectures and reshape the competitive landscape"

"As applications are increasingly delivered from the cloud and users become more mobile, organizations are being forced to rethink the way they deploy networking and security," said Lee Klarich, chief product officer at Palo Alto Networks. "To connect and secure organizations now and in the future, we believe that networking and security must converge in the cloud. Unlike traditional approaches to SD-WAN that compromise on security, add complexity and deliver unpredictable performance when users are accessing cloud applications, Prisma Access delivers a simple, secure and high-performance SD-WAN fabric from the cloud."

Leading companies already rely on Prisma Access for its consistent delivery of comprehensive networking and security services, including IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, cloud-delivered malware analysis, DNS Security, and URL filtering capabilities. Prisma Access also provides inline SaaS application visibility and control and integrates with Prisma SaaS for API-based protection, delivering a complete multi-mode CASB.

With the introduction of new SD-WAN features and a DLP service, Palo Alto Networks is both enhancing the Prisma Access platform and extending its industry-leading SASE capabilities:

  • New Prisma Access SD-WAN service: Traditional approaches to SD-WAN expose organizations to security risks, deliver unreliable end-to-end performance and increase network complexity. With this release, Palo Alto Networks is delivering a simple, reliable and secure end-to-end SD-WAN infrastructure, with Prisma Access operating as the cloud-based SD-WAN hub and next-generation firewalls operating as the SD-WAN appliances in the branch.

  • New cloud-based management user interface: Existing Palo Alto Networks customers have enjoyed the ability to manage Prisma Access from their familiar Panorama™ management console, which enables consistent security policy to be applied across physical and virtual firewalls, as well as the cloud. For customers born in the cloud, Palo Alto Networks is introducing a reimagined workflow-based interface, delivered as a service from the cloud, to simplify the process of configuring and managing SASE.

  • New SaaS service-level agreements: As organizations adopt cloud-based services, service-level agreements are essential in defining a service provider's commitment to critical areas like performance, availability, security and more. Prisma Access is the only cloud-delivered SASE offering that guarantees the performance of SaaS application access, extending the existing uptime and security processing performance SLAs.

  • New advanced DLP service: Ensuring comprehensive data protection and governance is an essential capability of any SASE solution. The new advanced DLP service for Prisma Access helps mitigate the risk of data exfiltration and non-compliance by discovering, monitoring and protecting sensitive data. The new DLP engine will initially support Prisma Access and Prisma SaaS to detect data in motion over the network and at rest in public cloud storage locations. The service will become available across all Palo Alto Networks products in the future, enabling consistent data protection across the enterprise.

*Gartner, The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud, 30 August 2019


Customer Quotes


  • "For the past few years, we've relied on Prisma Access to transform the way we connect and secure our mobile users,” said Josh Dye, senior vice president of Global Information Security at Jefferies. "We are excited to see Palo Alto Networks take Prisma Access to the next level with the introduction of SD-WAN and the other new capabilities. We believe Prisma Access is now the most complete secure access service edge offering we have seen in the market." 

  • "Palo Alto Networks has enabled Moody's to transform into dynamic global enterprise, leveraging public cloud and SaaS-based services to accelerate our business objectives," said George Kurian, senior vice president of Cybersecurity Services at Moody’s. "The secure access service edge delivered by Prisma Access has been key to our cloud transformation, allowing us to provide secure access to our public cloud and SaaS services to all of our users, regardless of location. With Prisma Access, we can now stand up branch locations immediately and integrate them into our corporate network overnight, at a fraction of the previous cost."


Prisma is the industry’s most complete cloud security offering for today and tomorrow. It provides unprecedented visibility into data, assets and risks in the cloud; consistently secures access, data and applications without compromises; enables speed and agility as organizations embrace the cloud; and reduces operational complexity and cost with a radically simple architecture. For more information, please visit www.paloaltonetworks.com/prisma.


Prisma Access, SD-WAN, cloud-based management UI and new SaaS SLAs are available now. DLP is available for evaluation. For more information, please visit https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/prisma/access.

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