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AI-Powered Cloud Detection & Response

Stop breaches with proven defenses against advanced cloud threats.


To safeguard your cloud environment, you need a solution that detects and blocks exploits and evasive cloud-based attacks.

  • Cloud applications are in the crosshairs

    Organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud more quickly than ever. Attackers have followed suit, contributing to an 188% uptick in cloud security incidents.

  • The cloud shouldn’t be a blind spot for the SOC

    To counter attacks, you should extend threat monitoring and hunting across your enterprise. This allows you to block exploits and see the entire incident from on-premises to the cloud.

  • Cloud security must scale on demand

    Cloud computing increases agility, scale and uptime. Your cloud security solutions should keep up, letting you provision new workloads without adding friction.

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Introducing the third generation of XDR.

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Safeguard cloud workloads with industry-first XDR

Cortex XDR provides SOC teams with a full incident story across the entire digital domain by integrating activity from cloud hosts, cloud traffic and audit logs together with endpoint and network data. The Cortex XDR agent blocks attacks targeting cloud hosts while gathering deep context for detection and response across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Cortex XDR brings cloud context to SOC teams for enterprise-wide detection, IR and threat hunting. With Cortex XDR, next has arrived.
  • Ironclad threat prevention for containers and VMs
  • Industry-validated security for the SOC, spanning public, private, hybrid and multicloud environments
  • Automated deployment and scaling using Kubernetes
  • Malware protection
    Malware protection
  • Exploit prevention
    Exploit prevention
  • ML-powered detection
    ML-powered detection
  • Coordinated response
    Coordinated response
  • Threat hunting
    Threat hunting

Why Cortex XDR for cloud detection and response

Protect containers with industry-validated XDR

Cortex XDR supports frictionless Kubernetes-based deployment, ensuring your security scales with your cloud workloads. Your SOC analysts can quickly triage and investigate threats by viewing container information like container ID, name, image ID and more in Cortex XDR alerts. With Cortex XDR, you can maintain cloud scale and agility while gaining peace of mind.

  • Threat detection for containers:

    Detect container-based threats like container escaping to ensure swift resolution.

  • Vulnerability assessment for cloud hosts:

    Track vulnerabilities and patch levels across cloud hosts to prioritize mitigation tasks.

Protect containers with industry-validated XDR

Block sophisticated cloud attacks

Built by cyberwarfare experts, Cortex XDR stops the stealthiest threats by accurately detecting adversary tactics and techniques. It offers robust protection against Linux VM and container attacks, including ransomware and cryptocurrency mining malware. It also catches post-intrusion activity, such as credential theft and web shell installation.

  • Threat prevention:

    Rest easy with a solution that blocked 100% of Linux and Windows attacks in the MITRE ATT&CK Round 3 test.

  • Cross-data analytics

    Uncover threats anywhere in your organization by applying behavioral analytics and machine learning to endpoint, network, cloud and identity data.

Block sophisticated cloud attacks

Extend XDR to the cloud

Safeguard cloud assets running in public, private, hybrid and multicloud environments with Cortex XDR. You can install the lightweight Cortex XDR agent on a broad range of operating systems and kernel versions to secure your cloud servers and applications, including hosted containers such as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and VMs.
Extend XDR to the cloud

Detect and respond at ludicrous speed

Unearth hidden threats by collecting rich platform data from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and the Cortex XDR agent. Cortex XDR also integrates data from Prisma Cloud, our cloud native security platform that provides runtime visibility and defense for cloud workloads. By applying analytics to cloud data, Cortex XDR detects malicious behavior like lateral movement and exfiltration.

  • Root cause analysis:

    Accelerate investigations by viewing the root cause of alerts from any source. Cortex XDR automatically integrates host data with network and flow logs, linking alerts to host events.

  • Threat hunting:

    Using the powerful XQL Search feature, query across all cloud data to find stealthy threats.

Detect and respond at ludicrous speed

Unleash the power of the cloud without risk

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Shield cloud workloads from advanced attacks

  • Secure public, private, hybrid and multicloud environments

  • Get 360-degree visibility across all data, including cloud traffic and audit logs

  • Stop cloud attacks with machine learning and analytics

  • Deploy effortlessly using Kubernetes