Case Study

Banking on a better future with Prisma SASE

A bank with more than 200 locations across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S. wasn’t getting the network performance and robust security it needed— especially as it scaled its business through a series of mergers and acquisitions. The bank worked with Palo Alto Networks to replace legacy infrastructure with modern solutions to help the business remain a financial partner of choice and protect its users and assets.

In brief


U.S. regional bank




United States


Next-Generation Firewalls
Prisma® SASE:

  • Prisma® SD-WAN
  • Prisma® Access


Protecting a growing business while cutting costs

  • $1.5M: in projected savings over 3 years
  • $427K: saved in connectivity costs by adopting Prisma SD-WAN
  • 49,000: projected hours of downtime saved over 3 years

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Legacy infrastructure couldn’t keep up

As the bank expanded, it required centralized, end-to-end security. Legacy solutions presented several challenges:

  • Rising volume of traffic couldn’t be supported by inefficient and complex firewalls.
  • Poor end-user experience with SaaS apps as a result of backhauling traffic to the data center.
  • Delayed implementation of a Zero Trust enterprise, increasing risk.


Building a foundation for the future

From migrating data centers to the cloud to servicing small businesses and customer loans, the bank worked with Palo Alto Networks to pinpoint the right solutions to support critical IT and business needs. It deployed Next-Generation Firewalls at each branch location and Prisma SASE, including Prisma SD-WAN and Prisma Access, providing security for its modern network. To detect every threat with accuracy, the bank installed Advanced Threat Prevention services.

Palo Alto Networks helped the bank position itself for the future by providing centralized security, improving network and application performance and traffic visibility, streamlining operations, increasing end-user productivity, and enabling fast and secure onboarding of new acquisitions—all on a truly integrated platform.


We did a POV [proof of value] with SD-WAN. Their users had such a good experience, and their applications were so much faster and more resilient, that they said, ‘Whatever it is that you put in here, please don’t take it away.’

–Palo Alto Networks Account Executive