Why Palo Alto Networks?

When we ask our customers and partners what they like most about our products, their responses are enthusiastic. Time and time again, we hear three key themes help to safely enable business and prevent successful cyberattacks:

Security – Performance – Ease of Use

“We left Cisco because what used to require 5-6 hours and a ton of research to figure out what’s open and what isn’t is now 30-40 times faster.”

– Neal Moss, Systems and Network Analyst, IT Infrastructure

Brigham Young University

“This Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall is clearly the tool we’re going to use to better manage our Internet and internal bandwidth. Palo Alto Networks does everything that our previous Cisco infrastructure did plus a ton more!”

– Bob DeVoy, Network and Storage Services Manager

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

“Being able to migrate seamlessly from the old system to the new one had been a key concern for us, but in the event, it was very easy, with no disruption to students or staff. Since leaving Cisco, we've gained total network visibility at any given time.”

– Voyage Io, Senior Administrative Officer

Macao Polytechnic Institute

“I left Cisco and now I no longer spend an hour a day answering questions from users about threats or dealing with infected machines. I’ve gotten about 25 percent of my time back, which is the savings I most appreciate. Now I can focus on training staff and on other projects, instead of on malware.”

– Charlie Richardson, Director of Information Technology

Heinz Endowments

"Cisco's solution was costly, cumbersome to manage, and ineffective. Palo Alto Networks has delivered everything we need—and more. It's an ideal solution for school districts because no IT person is perfect, and you can’t watch every laptop, smartphone, or student all the time."

– Justin Lightfoot, Network Administrator

McLean County School District

“Due to the limited capacity of our Cisco firewalls, we often ran into performance problems that dragged down productivity. Since deploying the PA-5050, we have seen a 150 percent increase in network performance, while using only 50 percent of available bandwidth.”

– Dr. Salvo Rosa, Chief Security Officer


“Palo Alto Networks WildFire provides dynamic analysis and continuous updates that stop even unknown threats before they compromise an endpoint device or our network. Other products we tested start working only at a subsequent stage of malware activity, and this can lead to endpoint outages. The adoption of TRAPS and its interaction with WildFire is an important added value of the integrated Platform, able to prevent even the zero-day exploits, building a strong global threat intelligence repository and – at the end – minimizing the attack surface to our business and the dwelling time."

– Massimiliano Tesser, CIO

CAME Group

“The difference between app- versus port-based firewall security is dramatic. At the time we moved to Palo Alto Networks, Cisco was totally port-based and difficult to manage, especially on non-standard communication requests. The app awareness of Palo Alto Networks allows us to shrink our rule sets considerably, and gives us information we can read and use. Previously, we couldn’t make anything out of our logs. Now it’s so easy: we just click, look, and understand.”

– Steffen Siguda, ‎Corporate InfoSec Officer and Data Protection Officer


“Palo Alto Networks is in a different class from competitors like Cisco, bringing both insight and the power to act on it. Unparalleled visibility allows us to detect and block threats in real time, whilst we can also drill down into the detail, even isolating a single infected PC on the network. It’s functionality we could only dream of before when we used the Cisco firewall.”

– Max Caines, Network Design Consultant

University of Wolverhampton

“The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform provides such a complete and integrated solution that we feel it is the most effective and cost-efficient choice to secure our entire global network against cyberattacks. Offerings from Cisco and other vendors just don’t compare.”

– Paolo Brunello, IT Manager

UNIVEG Trade Italy



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