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Delivering fast, resilient, and secure connectivity to hybrid workers worldwide

A simple, unified Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security platform from Palo Alto Networks provides this global technology provider with trusted access to digital resources everywhere. Resilient, intuitive, high-performance connectivity enables more than 1,700 people in 30+ countries to focus on decision-making rather than administration, ultimately driving faster innovation, agility, and business growth.

In brief


Global technology provider

Organisation Size

1,700 staff in 18 countries




This global technology provider was backhauling vital traffic over slow and expensive VPN connections.

  • Secure access for 1,700 hybrid workers – anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduce attack surface.
  • Optimise performance and end-user experience.
  • Unify security visibility and management.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access and Customer Success team

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Fast, lean, intuitive connectivity

Remote connectivity had been a challenge for this global technology organisation. A Fortinet virtual private network (VPN) deployment, followed by a Check Point implementation, met the secure connectivity demands of the increasing number of remote workers. However, both solutions fell short in terms of protection, user experience, and performance. Also, backhauling traffic to the data centre was expensive. It was time to reimagine protection for the hybrid workforce.


Modern API solutions

The organisation is a leading global provider of application programming interface (API) management and integration software, enabling enterprises to securely connect data across new and legacy technologies. The business has more than 1,700 staff across 18 countries, supporting over 11,000 customers.

The adoption of cloud and edge computing and work-from-anywhere initiatives has radically shifted access requirements for the organisation. To support remote access, two FortiGate clusters (one in Europe and one in the U.S.) were introduced, with remote users connecting to the nearest cluster. This was later supported by a Check Point VPN connection. This patchwork of policies, consoles, and complex traffic routing created complexity for security administration and users.

Challenged to unify access to the web, cloud services, and private applications, the organisation turned to Palo Alto Networks.

“We benchmarked secure access service edge (SASE) vendors and determined that Palo Alto Networks has the SASE product maturity and vision to secure, optimise, and simplify our cloud-first architecture. We were also very impressed by the knowledge, expertise, and commitment of the Palo Alto Networks Customer Success team,” says the spokesperson.


We were backhauling traffic to the enterprise with split tunnelling at the edge client. This gave us three problems. First, tunnelling weakened security. Second, the platforms struggled to scale – especially as Covid appeared. And third, the approach represented a single point of failure.

- Customer, global technology provider


Reducing the attack surface

The requirements for this transformative connectivity strategy were to:

  • Secure access – from anywhere at any time – for 1,700 hybrid workers worldwide.
  • Optimise performance and the end-user experience.
  • Deliver unified security visibility and management.


All users and apps protected – everywhere

The organisation has deployed Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access to securely connect all users to the applications they need, regardless of where they’re accessing them from and which device they’re using – and all while significantly reducing risk.

The unified, cloud native security service edge (SSE) platform secures the hybrid workforce, using least-privileged access to protect all the users and their devices, applications, and data. The solution connects with a Cisco Viptela SD-WAN network edge capability to create a complete SASE solution.

A spokesperson for the organisation explains, “Post-Covid, most of our people are now working remotely, including the vital development engineers that make up approximately 50% of our workforce. Thanks to Prisma Access, our modern, hybrid organisation benefits from high-performance secure remote working.”

The common policy framework and single pane of glass management also help streamline operations. “Prisma Access is extremely easy to use. In time we may also add ADEM to analyse traffic analysis and accelerate remediation when problems arise,” they explain.

The Palo Alto Networks Customer Success team are on hand to guide the organisation and maximise the value of this modern ZTNA 2.0 environment. “These guys never give up,” says the spokesperson.


The guidance and oversight provided by the Customer Success team ensures we get the most out of our investment. Their world-class personalised approach is unique in the industry – they understand our business objectives and roll their sleeves up time and again to maximise our security. They are a trusted extension of our business.

- Spokesperson, global technology provider


Enabling agile working

This forward-thinking SSE model is securing the organisation’s hybrid workforce and driving agile working. The benefits include:

  • Secure hybrid working for more than 1,700 hybrid employees: Users can connect with confidence wherever they are in the world. Prisma Access supports the flexibility demanded by the modern workforce – without compromising security or user experience.
  • Accelerated agility: The organisation can react to market opportunities more quickly. For example, new locations and regions can be onboarded in minutes, rather than the weeks – or even months – it took before the new SSE model’s introduction.
  • Optimised performance: Remote connectivity is now faster, with performance estimated to have improved by an average of 200% with Prisma Access. Faster access to data, applications, and devices ensures more agility in decision-making and an enhanced user experience.
  • Increased efficiency: As staff willingly switch to working from home, the organisation has been able to close some ancillary coworking offices worldwide. This reduces building rental, energy, hardware, travel, and other costs.
  • Trusted guidance and insight: The Customer Success team is helping the organisation maximise adoption and strengthen its security posture. Best practice advice, seamless operational alignment, and regular executive business reviews are helping the business to grow securely.


We can onboard a new region in five minutes now. Previously, it could take up to three months to source the connectivity hardware and technical resources, and talk to local carriers. This means we can pivot faster as opportunities arise.

- Spokesperson, global technology provider

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