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Genpact Gains a Centralized View of Cloud Security and Compliance with Prisma Cloud

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Monitor and secure a significant number of cloud environments across various products while building a cohesive DevSecOps culture and implementing best practices.

  • Gain visibility into cloud workloads in an accessible way
  • Secure multi-cloud environments with a single solution
  • Automate security that can scale alongside business growth

Palo Alto Networks Prisma® Cloud allows Genpact to integrate new cloud environments with its systems in minutes, providing complete visibility into monitored accounts through a single pane of glass. With this comprehensive view of all systems, Genpact can “shift left” and begin incorporating security scanning earlier in the development lifecycle to elevate the company’s security posture.

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Growth through digital transformation

Genpact is a global professional services firm delivering digital transformation by putting digital services and data to work to give clients a competitive advantage. With more than 700 global clients, Genpact provides digital services in industries such as finance, hospitality, and high tech.

Delivering digital transformation through digital-led, domain-enabled solutions has been a strategic growth imperative for Genpact, and the company has been investing heavily in acquiring and building digital solutions on public cloud infrastructure.


Gaining control of security

Over the last few decades, Genpact has made multiple acquisitions, making its goal of achieving secure cloud transformation challenging. Because each new team has brought different security and development processes, gaining complete visibility into security and compliance posture across the full development lifecycle has been difficult.


One of the primary reasons why we chose Prisma Cloud was because we could get it up and running in no time—it only takes a few minutes to integrate, and then we immediately get complete visibility.

Rohit Kohli, Cloud and Vulnerability Management Security Lead, Genpact


Searching for the right security partner

To feel confident operating in the cloud, the team at Genpact needed a security partner that could satisfy three criteria:
  1. Simple user interface and experience: With every newly onboarded product having its own development, DevOps, application, and testing teams, Genpact needed security that could cut across any type of workload throughout the development lifecycle. The bandwidth required to gain visibility into clouds had to keep up with the ever-growing number of products and team members added to the organization in a consolidated, easy-to-configure view.

  2. Cloud-agnostic security: Having a security solution that could satisfy Genpact’s multi-cloud strategy was crucial. The solution needed to offer advanced integration capabilities and support all major cloud providers to streamline operations and management.

  3. Comprehensive and time-saving management: As a rapidly growing organization, Genpact does not have time to manage multiple point security tools that—even when used in concert—often offer a fragmented view as well as overlook security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The company needed an all-in-one, integrated, automated solution able to scale with business growth and prevent the team from becoming overwhelmed with manual effort.


The UI experience in Prisma Cloud is superior to any other tool we’ve seen. We get a comprehensive view using just this one tool versus having to use multiple tools that still may not give us the level of visibility we’re looking for in a security solution.

Rohit Kohli, Cloud and Vulnerability Management Security Lead, Genpact


One-size-fits-all, cloud native security

With Prisma Cloud, Genpact can monitor all its cloud accounts—more than 100—centrally with a simple user interface and experience. For example, when looking at anomalies in their environments, the team needs no tools other than Prisma Cloud to get the level of insight and protection they require—they just need to set up one query, and all monitored environments are scanned.

As a result, Genpact can focus on moving the business forward and embracing cloud transformation, knowing the speed of security can keep pace and that its multi-cloud capability allows the company to stay flexible in its cloud adoption and strategy.

The comprehensive nature of the platform was the biggest differentiator between what Palo Alto Networks and other providers could offer. As the cloud and vulnerability management security lead at Genpact, Rohit Kohli concurs: “The tools and capabilities incorporated by Palo Alto Networks into the Prisma Cloud product set it apart from other solutions.” For instance, being able to create custom policies and rules within the platform has helped Kohli and his team maintain compliance with the company’s internal standards for applications and resources.


The cloud native security functionality offered in Prisma Cloud is on a different level of maturity than other solutions.

Rohit Kohli, Cloud and Vulnerability Management Security Lead, Genpact


Looking forward: Incorporating DevSecOps

With Prisma Cloud, Kohli and his team can focus on what the next phase of security and compliance monitoring looks like at Genpact. Instead of working backward to incorporate shift-left culture when new products and teams are onboarded, Kohli feels confident that his team can onboard using a DevSecOps approach from the start. In fact, he aims to reach a greater level of maturity by incorporating security earlier in the development cycle within six to eight months.

With Prisma Cloud, Genpact achieved its goal of finding a cloud native security solution to meet its needs. Prisma Cloud provides visibility into the company’s multi-cloud environments across the entire development lifecycle and continually monitors security and compliance posture efficiently. “With Prisma Cloud, our time spent investigating misconfigurations has been reduced dramatically, not just from months to weeks—but from days to minutes.”

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