Cortex Data Lake enables AI-based innovations for cybersecurity

Built for security operations

Radically simplify security operations by collecting, integrating, and normalizing your enterprise’s security data.

Get massive scale

Get public cloud scale and global availability with trust in the security and privacy of your data.

Unprecedented accuracy

Significantly improve the accuracy of security outcomes with trillions of multi-source artifacts for analytics.

Ready for AI and machine learning

Effortlessly run advanced AI and machine learning with cloud-scale data and compute.

Expanding data sources

Constantly learns from new data sources to evolve your defenses.

Powers innovative apps and services

Cortex XDR™ detection and response empowers you to stop sophisticated attacks and adapt defenses to prevent future threats. Cortex XDR analyzes network, endpoint and cloud data with machine learning to accurately detect attacks and it automatically reveals the root cause of alerts to speed up investigations.

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AutoFocus™ contextual threat intelligence service provides the attribution, context and classification to make security analyst teams more effective. Teams gain understanding of who is attacking them and with what tools, along with granular threat intelligence to speed up response efforts.

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Traps™ management service, a cloud-delivered endpoint security service, simplifies deployment and day-to-day management of endpoint protection. Deployment is simple and fast, requiring no server licenses, databases or other infrastructure to get started.

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Size your deployment

Quickly determine the storage you need with our simple online calculator.