Protecting critical research and intellectual property

Safeguard critical research data

As the foundation for modern advanced research, colleges and universities are high targets for cyberattacks. This creates cyber challenges that put proprietary research data, regulatory compliance and other connected institutional systems at risk

  • Universities account for 74% of education data breaches, according to a study by Comparitech.
  • Educational institutions typically spend a very small percentage of their IT budget on cybersecurity due to constrained resources.
  • Researchers understandably want unfettered access to their resources, without being constrained by security mechanisms they can perceive as getting in the way.
  • Network security vendors have historically been unable to provide visibility into research networks due to the speed of the network and the volume of data, making them among the hardest to secure in a university environment.

Protect your students, your IP and your reputation

Palo Alto Networks single-pass architecture and platform approach to cybersecurity have solved this visibility problem. Our sophisticated Next Generation Firewall can inform the platform on what is considered normal traffic for this type of network, while providing visibility and remediation to threats. Best of all, this is transparent to users so it won’t hamper researcher network access.

For universities that want to take an end-to-end approach to cybersecurity, in addition to protecting critical research and IP, we can help you:

  • Maintain a fast, open and collaborative campus while still being secure and resource efficient.
  • Secure your modern, hybrid learning environment.
  • Prepare your IT professionals for tomorrow with expert-led cyber ranges.
Maximize ROI by consolidating your operations
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