Consistent protection, reduced complexity
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Modern applications are complex, interconnected networks of bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers, hosted on-premises in data centers and in public cloud environments. As application teams demand more automation, speed and agility, security teams try to regain visibility and control using a patchwork of security tools and policies. The results are often gaps in the enterprise security posture, overcomplicated reporting and compliance, and challenges with security management. Worst, the trend is growing.

Protecting your data and applications requires deep visibility and consistent, best-in-class security controls across physical, virtualized, containerized and cloud environments.
Not sure where to start with your hybrid cloud security plan?

Hybrid cloud security may seem complex, but a good plan can make all the difference.
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Get visibility. Reduce your attack surface. Prevent threats.
To protect your hybrid cloud environment, you need a solution that provides:
Complete visibility Gain complete insight into user, device, network, and application activity across all your on-premises data centers and private and public clouds with greater contextual awareness that maps to business requirements and risk.
Minimized opportunities for attack Prevent attackers from moving inside the data center and across multi-cloud environments by applying granular access control across north-south and east-west traffic using a combination of physical and virtual firewalls.
Automated threat protection Discover threats and malicious activity, block threats in real-time, and automatically isolate infected hosts to minimize business disruption and prevent data loss.
Why choose Palo Alto Networks?
Palo Alto Networks delivers unmatched visibility and consistent, best-in-class security controls to secure applications and data in hybrid cloud environments and data centers. By working with us to secure your environment, you get:
Consistent security across your hybrid cloud Hardware, virtual and containerized Next-Generation Firewall form factors consistently provide deep visibility and security enforcement on-premises in the data center or in public clouds, regardless of workload or network type.
Simple, centralized security management Simplify firewall configuration, auditing and reporting, and policy management with a single solution to manage all firewall form factors and cloud-delivered security subscriptions. Manage and enforce a consistent policy model across on-premises deployments and multiple clouds.
Best-in-class threat prevention and response Block known threats and vulnerability attacks. Automatically identify and protect against zero-day exploits, malware, spyware and more.
Simplified security deployment through integration Deep integrations with the leading virtualization, software-defined networking, container and public cloud infrastructure providers make use of automation to simplify firewall deployment and scalability.