IoT Security is easier than you think
Your security team is now empowered to secure your enterprise IoT investments without additional resources, creating new processes and investing in new siloed tools..
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Visibility, control and power to prevent network threats
Consistent security everywhere Gain full visibility into the details of all TLS encrypted connections and stop threats hidden within encrypted traffic, including traffic that uses TLS1.3 and HTTP/2 protocols.
Security and SD-WAN natively integrated Enable secure SD-WAN from a single appliance and management interface for seamless branch connectivity.
Simplified operations With zero touch provisioning, you can automate tedious deployment processes and simplify manual operations.
Enterprise Firewall Leader

Learn why an independent research firm named us a Leader in enterprise firewalls and ranked us highest in the Strategy category. We also achieved the highest possible scores in usability, threat intelligence, automated malware analysis, IDS/IPS, ICS/OT/IoT and 12 other evaluated criteria.

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540 Mbps App-ID throughput

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Platinum Support Platinum Support delivers optimal support for your Next-Generation Firewalls, exactly when you need it the most.
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