Consistent Security with SD-WAN
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Organizations are deploying more apps in the cloud, bringing more devices in branch offices and consuming more bandwidth. Traditional connectivity options like multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) can be costly as well as slow to provision, and offer limited bandwidth in many locations.

Software-defined wide area networking, or SD-WAN, is what many organizations are looking to. But moving from MPLS to SD-WAN, organizations end up compromising on security, end-to-end performance, and simplicity of operation. With Palo Alto Networks, you get world-class security integrated with an SD-WAN architecture, a high-performance backbone with Prisma Access, and simplicity of consuming secure connectivity as-a-service.
Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN
Prisma Access and CloudGenix cloud-delivered SD-WAN will converge, expediting the intelligent onboarding of remote branches and retail stores, and providing a seamless end-to-end solution to our customers. This joint solution will address network and security transformation requirements, and accelerate the shift to SASE.
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SD-WAN without sacrifice
Solve the problems of traditional SD-WAN solutions with industry-leading:
Security Adopt an SD-WAN architecture safely, with the same level of security as your traditional WAN. Our industry-leading security is natively integrated into our SD-WAN solution.
Performance Minimize latency and ensure reliability to deliver a great end-user experience. Deploy SD-WAN with Prisma™ Access to optimize your end-to-end SD-WAN network.
Simplicity Easily adopt SD-WAN. Use Prisma Access as an SD-WAN hub, or simply enable SD-WAN on your existing firewalls.
Get started with SD-WAN
Choose the deployment option that’s best for your organization.
Secure SD-WAN delivered as a service from Prisma Access Prisma Access, a secure access service edge (SASE), delivers SD-WAN as a service from the cloud. With Prisma Access, you can optimize performance and eliminate the need to build your own SD-WAN hubs and interconnects.
Secure SD-WAN delivered using Palo Alto Networks appliances Our next-generation firewalls operate as SD-WAN edge devices in the branch and as an SD-WAN hub in a central location. SD-WAN features can be simply enabled and centrally managed on a single interface via Panorama network security management.
Palo Alto Networks security deployed with SD-WAN from our technology partners Palo Alto Networks solutions integrate directly with SD-WAN partners to secure your SD-WAN deployment.
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