Palo Alto Networks & Citrix


Palo Alto Networks and Citrix have partnered to prevent successful cyberattacks. Citrix is focused on delivering solutions to make the world’s data and applications secure and easy to access. Anytime. Anywhere. And on any device or network. Citrix helps more than 400K customers securely deliver apps and data with its products. The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform prevents successful cyberattacks through intelligent automation. The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating platform combines network and endpoint security with threat intelligence and accurate analytics to help streamline routine tasks, automate protection and prevent cyber breaches. The Palo Alto Networks and Citrix integrations address the security needs of the digital workspace.

The increasing adoption of cloud-hosted applications, including the move to SaaS, is causing enterprise IT to evaluate alternatives to inefficient backhauling of Internet traffic over costly legacy WAN architecture. SD-WAN greatly benefits organizations looking for more flexibility to connect remote networks. Rather than routing all branch traffic through the internal core network, SD-WAN makes it possible to manage and deploy connections to branch offices and support business applications using commodity internet.

Citrix SD-WAN provides a comprehensive solution for enterprise application delivery to branches, whether it is from the datacenter, from public clouds or SaaS. Citrix SD-WAN automatically identifies applications through an intelligent application identification algorithm that recognizes over 4,000 applications, including individual SaaS applications, and application components. Further, application rules can be created to extend identification to custom internal applications. With the ability to steer application connections with the first packet combined with deep packet inspection technology, the Citrix SD-WAN solution can allow, block prioritize and intelligently steer traffic from the branch to the Internet, cloud or SaaS.

Palo Alto Networks’ GlobalProtect cloud service delivers cloud-based security infrastructure for protecting remote networks and mobile users. It provides security by allowing organizations to set up regional, cloud-based firewalls that protect the SD-WAN fabric. GlobalProtect cloud service provides the networking and security to enable business applications and internet access. SD-WAN devices at the branch establish IPsec tunnels to a regional firewall in GlobalProtect cloud service for policy enforcement. These firewalls, managed by Palo Alto Networks and running the customer’s security policies, provide the same traffic inspection and threat prevention capabilities as any other Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. In addition, GlobalProtect cloud service provides networking to headquarters, other branches and breakout to the internet.

In addition, Citrix and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to secure the digital workspace by sharing user information with Palo Alto Networks User-ID technology, enabling users to access data and applications based on business requirements. Joint customers can also secure virtual apps and desktops with XenApp and XenDesktop with Traps™ advanced endpoint protection to stop threats on the endpoint and coordinate enforcement with cloud and network security to prevent successful cyberattacks without compromising server performance.

Validated Joint Solutions

Palo Alto Networks and Citrix have developed validated joint solutions that provide you with best-practice guidelines and resources to design infrastructure that achieves availability, security, performance, flexibility and visibility.

The following joint deployment guides are available:

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