NextWave Managed Services Program

 Unprecedented visibility and control while simultaneously preventing all types of threats.

The combination of a complex threat landscape, a shortage of skilled security personnel and the need to reduce CAPEX (capital expenditures) is fueling increased customer demand for managed security services. Together with our managed security service providers (MSSP Innovator), we want to capitalize on this opportunity by allowing providers to offer our customers a unique approach to identifying and classifying all network traffic.

By joining NextWave Managed Services Program, you can provide effective and differentiated managed security services that reduce cost, increase average revenue per customer and maximize the addressable market. Here are five reasons to become an MSSP Specialized partner:

  1. Partner Led Routes-to-Revenue
  2. New Customer Acquisition & Deeper Account Penetration
  3. Scalable/Repeatable MSP Model = Delivery to Customers
  4. Programs Span All Customer Segments
  5. Standard MSP Suggested Discounts

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