Securing Customers Through Their Digitization Journey

With innovative cybersecurity solutions, Telekom Security and Palo Alto Networks assist enterprises in meeting evolving customer demands and integrating the latest developments in security automation to navigate today’s complex security landscape.

How can we secure your digitization journey?

By incorporating Palo Alto Networks technology with Telekom Security’s deep security expertise, we can deliver the benefits of complete security solutions (reselling) and MSSP to our customers, helping them securely navigate their next growth phase.
  • Securely connect, authenticate and access internal services from any location or device.
  • Migrate from your existing architectures while continuously supported by integrated solutions and advisory expertise in cloud security, identity management and Zero Trust.
  • Simplify the delivery of consistent security at scale while ensuring optimal work-from-anywhere experience.

Joint Solutions

Managed Firewall Services

Managed Firewall Services

Access deployment and management services for next-generation firewall (NGFW) deployments on-premise or in the cloud in conjunction with Palo Alto Networks NGFW and VM Series.
Managed Prisma Cloud

Managed Prisma Cloud

Tap into a full suite of consulting and managed Prisma Cloud services as your organization pursues network transformation and migrates to the cloud. Deploy Zero Trust in the cloud using best-in-class micro-segmentation and strategic guidance on securing access to cloud workloads.
Managed Cortex XSOAR

Managed Cortex XSOAR

Orchestrate and automate incident response workflows and processes across your environment with Cortex XSOAR. Telekom Security uses Cortex XSOAR internally and externally as an MSSP for their customers, integrating it with DT’s SOC and the “heart and soul of it.”

Why Telekom Security?

  • NextWave Diamond
  • MSSP Status