Partnering to secure the modern workplace

Palo Alto Networks market-leading cybersecurity platforms combined with Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense to provide innovation to help protect your critical data and networks. We deliver comprehensive, easy-to-manage and effective security solutions to help organizations across their entire digital and network transformations.

How can we enable your digital transformation?

Orange Business, Orange Cyberdefense and Palo Alto Networks provide holistic cybersecurity solutions to help address your security needs and prevent cyberattacks. These tightly integrated innovations are easy to operate, delivering consistent protection across network, cloud and mobile users.
  • Gain consistent network access and security services to all types of applications through a common, unified framework.
  • Protect your workload with integrated managed detection & response services that allow you to discover and respond to breaches in real-time.
  • Ensure security, performance, and cost optimization for your network with edge-to-cloud expertise.

Joint Solutions

Managed Secure Access

Managed Secure Access

Gain enhanced visibility and complete security with Managed Secure Access, powered by Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access, is globally available as a cloud-delivered security solution that provides the security organizations need for protecting all traffic, all applications, and all users. Securely manage access to the Internet, cloud platforms and internal applications hosted in both data centers and the cloud.
Managed SOC

Managed SOC

Access a holistic solution to threat management to address all your security needs: prevent, automatically detect, investigate, respond and adapt. MicroSOC, powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR, delivers new levels of simplicity in security operations and significantly improved security outcomes through automation and unprecedented accuracy.
Managed Cloud Security

Managed Cloud Security

Orange uses Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud's Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) features for multi-cloud compliance and governance along with Prisma Cloud's Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) features for securing their hosts and containerized applications. With the growing use of cloud-based services, there can be a lot of moving pieces to monitor and manage. Manual security management tools are not sufficient to cope with this complexity.

Are you using the cloud securely? Misconfiguration is one of the more common mistakes in the cloud, which can lead to a data breach and leave an organization vulnerable to attack. That's why organizations need to correctly configure public cloud services to address cloud risks. Read more about our offering here.

Managed SASE Service

Managed SASE Service

Integrated security, networking and experience management supported by intelligence, strategy, and operational services. Powered by Orange Business, Secured by Orange Cyberdefense with the best platform by Palo Alto Networks, together we deliver all the services and technologies customers need to connect their organization securely locally and globally.

This integrated SASE solution, with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access and Prisma SD-WAN, leverages a network of cloud-based, advanced security solutions that secure enterprise traffic on a global scale, and is centered on business value and user experience. Access a single cloud-delivered platform for your organization's networking and security capabilities to support the ever-evolving digital workforce. Together, we offer the following:

  • Operational simplicity with single stack at deployment and everyday
  • True connectivity SLA powered by the network you trust
  • Cloud-delivered security for everything you connect: users, applications and things
  • World Class SOC benefits from Orange Cyberdefense monitoring, detection, targeted remediation & threat intelligence
  • The power of AI for zero-day protection and proactive user experience. Supporting the SASE journey, across any stage of strategy, deployment and design within specific business environments for best ROI.

Why Orange?

  • 2021 Global Cortex Partner of the Year
  • 2021 EMEA NextWave Partner of the Year
  • 8th largest global telecoms brand
  • 271 million customers
  • NextWave Diamond Partner
  • Cortex XMDR Specialization
  • Networks Prisma SASE Specialized Partner
  • MSSP Partner Status
  • Authorized Elite support center