You can't protect what you can't see
The traditional approach of statistically managing asset databases or relying on network-based scanning tools doesn’t scale or work in cloud environments. Highly dynamic workloads, such as containers and serverless functions, are especially challenging for legacy approaches. Often deployed and decommissioned within hours or even minutes, traditional approaches to asset inventory often miss these transient workloads, which can lead to gaps in incident response, compliance requirements and forensic investigations.
What is complete cloud visibility?
Prisma Cloud dynamically discovers cloud resources and data across multi-cloud environments, detects risky configurations, and identifies network threats, suspicious user behavior, malware, data leakage and host vulnerabilities. It eliminates blind spots across cloud environments and provides continuous protection, using a combination of the most complete collection of rule-based security policies and machine learning.
Security for cloud native architectures
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The Prisma Cloud difference
Comprehensive visibility across clouds
Understand the consumption pattern for services in cloud environments, so you can implement security controls.
Gain insight into workload and application classification so you’ll know if your workloads are running critical application components.
Get visibility into lifecycle asset change management and attribution, so you can respond to a potential vulnerability.
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