Cloud compliance isn’t static
The distributed, dynamic nature of cloud environments makes it challenging and time-consuming to manage compliance, let alone prove it during an audit. Proving a security status during an audit is extremely difficult without centralized, automated tools. Mapping compliance and regulatory standards that were not authored with cloud in mind, and trying to keep pace with the rate at which cloud service providers introduce new services makes it even more difficult.
Compliance for the modern enterprise
Today’s enterprises require continuous monitoring of compliance management, reporting and enforcement from a single console. While some solutions look only at the cloud provider platform, Prisma Cloud looks at all cloud assets from the cloud platform through host, containers, data and other application services. This provides a complete view of compliance unrivaled in any other platform.
Practice fusion compliance case study
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The Prisma Cloud difference
Simplified compliance management
Monitor all cloud resources continuously for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and other security threats.
Visualize risk and prioritize security issues based on the level of severity.
Meet government and company-mandated compliance requirements with ease using the industry's most complete library of compliance standards.
Monitor compliance posture in real-time and generate audit-ready reports with a single click. Automate custom security and compliance requirements with ease.
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Prisma Cloud is the industry's most comprehensive threat protection and compliance assurance platform. Powered entirely by APIs and delivering seamless integrations across your cloud environments, threat intelligence and remediation tools, only Prisma Cloud delivers a truly integrated, frictionless experience – no agents or proxies required.
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