Don’t compromise security for performance
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With the rise in cloud adoption, it no longer makes sense to bring all traffic back to headquarters. But securing traffic to go directly to the Internet would normally mean duplicating the security stack that’s available at your headquarters, or compromising on security. Don’t let the different alternatives to traditional branch security create more problems than they solve. Palo Alto Networks delivers networking and security that provide more flexibility and no compromises.
Challenges to traditional branch office security
Today, there are many options for securing branch offices and retail locations that have often have downsides.
Branch networking and security vendors tend only offer a one-size-fits-all deployment model.
Offloading the MPLS connection with an internet connection through a secure web gateway makes security inconsistent.
Using conventional SD-WAN for branch networking requires a complex integration between the SD-WAN fabric and a security solution.
Flexible deployment options
Don’t shortchange security when evaluating your requirements for the branch. Palo Alto Networks offers multiple ways to support your networking and security requirements at the branch office or retail location. Choose the deployment model that’s right for you, while getting the same industry-leading security everywhere.
Cloud-based deployment Connect your existing router, firewall, wireless access point or SD-WAN edge device at the branch to Prisma Access, to create a single overlay that provides both the SD-WAN fabric and cloud-delivered security.
On-premise deployment Organizations can choose from hardware appliances or use virtualized appliances on customer-premises equipment to get the same consistent enforcement of policy at every site.
The most secure SD-WAN for every branch
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