Greater visibility, tighter control, less effort

Panorama™ network security management simplifies management tasks while delivering comprehensive controls and deep visibility into network-wide traffic and security threats.

Network security management doesn’t have to be complex

IT teams are stretched to the limit trying to manage today’s increasingly complex security deployments. Panorama simplifies, streamlines and consolidates core tasks and capabilities, enabling you to view all your firewall traffic, manage all aspects of device configuration, push global policies, and generate reports on traffic patterns or security incidents — all from a single console, all at enterprise scale.


Panorama gives you centralized control of next-generation firewalls at your internet edge, in your data center, and in your private and public cloud deployments.


Panorama ACC (Application Command Center) provides you a highly interactive, graphical view of applications, URLs, threats and traffic across your entire Palo Alto Networks deployment.

Flexible Deployment Options

Panorama mode

In the Panorama deployment mode, Panorama controls both policy and log management functions for all the managed devices.

Management mode

In the Management Only deployment mode, Panorama manages configurations of the managed devices but does not collect logs from those devices.

Log Collector mode

In the Log Collector deployment mode, Panorama collects only logs from the managed devices.

Supported Deployment Options