Introducing PAN-OS 7.0 & More

Focus on security — streamline management.

PAN-OS 7.0 expands breach prevention capabilities and streamlines policy management for security teams. This release focuses on the following three areas:

  • Response Time Reduction
    • Visual and Actionable Data — Application Command Center (ACC)
  • Discovering the Unknown
    • Comprehensive Threat Analysis — WildFire™
    • Compromised Host Confirmation — Automated Correlation Engine
  • Streamlined Management
    • Operational Control — Panorama™
    • Enterprise Management at Scale — M-500 Appliance


Response Time Reduction

Application Command Center (ACC)

Highly interactive, visual and intuitive, the ACC graphically prioritizes threat activity to deliver actionable data for fast response.

Learn more about the ACC.


Discovering The Unknown

Automated Correlation Engine

The new automated correlation engine looks for correlation between indicators of compromise to automatically detect and highlight compromised hosts, reducing the need for manual data mining.

Learn more about the Automated Correlation Engine.



Now offering multi-version analysis, grayware verdicts, and new hybrid cloud capabilities for flexible deployment.

Learn more about WildFire.


Streamlined Management


Panorama offers intuitive network configuration and policy management, and a single security rule base.

Learn more about Panorama.


M-500 Appliance

Offering greater capacity, front-to-back airflow, and dual power supplies, the M-500 management appliance is ideal for large deployments and data center environments.

Learn more about the M-500.


Also in this release – Options to Expand On-demand Next-generation Security — AWS

New usage-based licensing available directly from AWS Marketplace.

Learn more about AWS licensing.


High Port Density NPC

Expands PA-7050 interface options to facilitate network integration.

Learn more about 7050 NPC.


What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to the preventative techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.
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What is an Intrusion Prevention System?

An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a network security prevention technology that examines network traffic flow to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits
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Product Summary Specsheet

Key features, performance capacities and specifications for all Palo Alto Networks firewalls.
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PA-5200 Series Datasheet

Key features, performance capacities and specifications for our PA-5200 Series.
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PA-800 Series Datasheet

Palo Alto Networks PA-800 Series next-generation firewall appliances are designed to secure enterprise branch offices and midsized businesses.
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What is a denial of service attack (DoS) ?

A Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is an attack meant to shut down a machine or network, making it inaccessible to its intended users by flooding it with traffic.
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