Safely enable applications, users, and content at throughput speeds of up to 1 Gbps using the PA-2050 and the PA-2020. Dedicated computing resources for the functional areas of networking, security, content inspection, and management ensure predictable firewall performance.




  • 1 Gbps firewall throughput (App-ID enabled1)
  • 500 Mbps threat prevention throughput
  • 300 Mbps IPSec VPN throughput
  • 250,000 max sessions
  • 15,000 new sessions per second
  • 2,000 IPSec VPN tunnels/tunnel interfaces
  • 1,000 SSL VPN Users
  • 10 virtual routers
  • 1/6* virtual systems (base/max2)
  • 40 security zones
  • 5,000 max number of policies


  • 500 Mbps firewall throughput (App-ID enabled1)
  • 200 Mbps threat prevention throughput
  • 200 Mbps IPSec VPN throughput
  • 125,000 max sessions
  • 15,000 new sessions per second
  • 1,000 IPSec VPN tunnels/tunnel interfaces
  • 500 SSL VPN Users
  • 10 virtual routers
  • 1/6* virtual systems (base/max2)
  • 40 security zones
  • 2,500 max number of policies


Product Summary Specsheet

Key features, performance capacities and specifications for all Palo Alto Networks firewalls.

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McLean County School District

McLean County Unit School District No. 5 employs approximately 1,650 full and part time staff members to educate more than 13,600 students. The district consists of more than 214 square miles, with 16 elementary, 4 junior high and 2 high school buildings, 1 early learning center, and 1 vocational training site.

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Aviva Stadium

The Aviva Stadium is Ireland’s world class venue for international sporting events, music concerts and business conferences. “New malware is emerging every day and we were previously struggling to keep up with that pace. With threats constantly changing it could take days for the process to recognise new signatures. But with the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, the process takes under an hour.”

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Princeton Technology Corp.

Princeton Technology Corp. is a professional IC design company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with a branch in Torrance, USA, an R&D center in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and representative offices in Shenzhen and Japan to serve Asian customers. "The PA series greatly simplified the IT Department's tasks in administrating information security within each branch; they also helped us identify the kind of applications each employee is running over the network."

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Macao Polytechnic Institute

Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) is a public institution of higher education with an emphasis on applied knowledge and skills. The MPI has 235 academic staff, 297 administrators and 55 professional trainers. "Being able to migrate seamlessly from the old system to the new one had been a key concern for us, but in the event, it was very easy, with no disruption to students or staff. Now, the console gives us total network visibility at any given time."

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Multinational Defense Agency

Being a high profile government organization, this multinational Defense Agency needed to ensure a secondary layer of defense for its network at the edge, and for both its restricted and secure networks. Serving up to 10,000 users, its current solution was costly and was not from a preferred country of origin. This Case Study available in Japanese and German.

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