No-compromise security, high-performance versatility

Prevent attacks without disrupting business growth

PA-5200 Series next-generation firewall appliances bring broad protection, high throughput, integration and innovation to high-speed data center, internet gateway and service provider deployments.

Risk reduction. Automation. Innovation. Pick three.

Don’t let the constraints of piecemeal security systems bog down security or business growth. PA-5200 Series next-generation firewalls secure your business with a prevention-focused architecture and integrated innovations that are easy to deploy and use. Now you can eliminate risks, automate workflows and take advantage of integrated cybersecurity innovations – at the same time.


The PA-5200 Series architecture

Extensive threat prevention with high throughput, visibility and control

Broad protection across a wide range of use cases

PA-5200 Series next-generation firewalls prevent threats and safely enable applications across a diverse set of high-performance use cases – including internet gateway, data center and service provider environments.

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High performance with granular visibility and control

All PA-5200 Series models, including the PA-5280, PA-5260, PA-5250 and PA-5220, provide predictable performance, deep visibility, and control over all traffic, including encrypted traffic. You can secure your organization through advanced visibility and control of applications, users and content at throughput speeds of up to 67 Gbps. Dedicated processing resources assigned to networking, security, signature matching and management functions ensure consistent performance.

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Strong security for encrypted traffic

The PA-5200 Series hardware and PAN-OS® software deliver high decryption throughput and SSL session capacity, removing all barriers to decryption. You can now secure the increasingly encrypted traffic without slowing down your business, simplify your deployments by eliminating dedicated decryption devices, and use our flexible policies to stop hidden threats without compromising privacy.

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  • 60/67 Gbps Firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)1
  • 28/33 Gbps Threat Prevention throughput (HTTP/appmix)2
  • 24 Gbps IPsec VPN throughput3
  • 64,000,000 max sessions
  • 390,000 New sessions per second4
  • 225 virtual routers
  • 25/225 Virtual systems (base/max)5


  • 60/67 Gbps Firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)1
  • 28/33 Gbps Threat Prevention throughput (HTTP/appmix)2
  • 24 Gbps IPsec VPN throughput3
  • 32,000,000 max sessions
  • 390,000 New sessions per second4
  • 225 virtual routers
  • 25/225 Virtual systems (base/max)5


  • 39/40 Gbps firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)1
  • 18/23 Gbps Threat Prevention throughput (HTTP/appmix)2
  • 16 Gbps IPsec VPN throughput3
  • 8,000,000 max sessions
  • 284,000 New sessions per second4
  • 125 virtual routers
  • 25/125 Virtual systems (base/max)5


  • 17/20 Gbps firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)1
  • 8/9 Gbps Threat Prevention throughput (HTTP/appmix)2
  • 8 Gbps IPsec VPN throughput3
  • 4,000,000 max sessions
  • 150,000 New sessions per second4
  • 20 virtual routers
  • 10/20 Virtual systems (base/max)5

1. Firewall throughput is measured with App-ID and logging enabled, utilizing 64 KB HTTP/appmix transactions
2. Threat Prevention throughput is measured with App-ID, IPS, antivirus, anti-spyware, WildFire, file blocking, and logging enabled, utilizing 64 KB HTTP/ appmix transactions
3. IPsec VPN throughput is measured with 64 KB HTTP transactions
4. New sessions per second is measured with application-override, utilizing 1 byte HTTP transactions
5. Adding virtual systems over base quantity requires a separately purchased license


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