Redefining High-Performance Network Security

Our PA-7000 Series high-performance network security appliances offer the perfect blend of power, intelligence and simplicity.

Power – derived from a proven platform architecture that combines an ultra-efficient, single-pass software engine with nearly 700 function-specific processors for networking, security, content inspection, and management.

Intelligence – that optimizes security processing resource utilization and dynamically scales as new computing power becomes available.

Simplicity – resulting from a unified approach toward management and licensing.


PA-7000 Series Specsheet

Key features, performance capacities and specifications for our PA-7000 Series.

Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA
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Temple University

Premier university gets high marks in network security with next-generation protection and proactive services

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Enable High Availability

With the emergence of an application-driven economy and the persistent risk of cyberattacks, enterprises large and small are finding it critical to maintain highly available and continuous next-generation security protection for their network infrastructure.

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National Taipei University of Technology

NTUT chose two PA-7000 Series with more than two expansion card versions, working in tandem with two existing PA-5050 systems to provide optimal security, scalability, and performance.

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PA-7050 Performance Validation Report

This 3rd party test validates the performance of the PA-7050 when security services are enabled when classifying and inspecting applications – not just protocols – that are commonly found on corporate networks. Executed by Network Test, a well-known testing facility, using Breaking Point test tools, this report is the first-ever next-generation firewall performance test that extends beyond the use of a single protocol.

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Познакомьтесь с PA7050 Самый быстрый межсетевой экран нового поколения

Надежность и эффективность – теперь вместе Потребность ваших рабочих групп в увеличении пропускной способности каналов кажется просто неутолимой. Недавние получившие широкую огласку атаки через порт 80 или SSL, и использовавшие для проникновения популярные приложения, например, FTP и RDP, еще раз подчеркивают необходимость в укреплении безопасности. Что вы выберете? Эффективность или надежность? Ответ прост – и то, и другое.

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