Detect and Stop Unknown Attacks
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Attackers keep finding new ways to bypass legacy malware analysis and sandboxing tools. To get ahead of the constant back-and-forth, organizations require a different approach. WildFire leverages cloud-based malware detection and multiple analysis techniques to identify and protect against unknown file-based threats, while resisting attacker evasion techniques.

In an industry first, WildFire deploys inline machine learning modules on the next-generation firewall (NGFW) to prevent new unknown file-based threats, protecting the first victim without any productivity delay. For threats that cannot be stopped inline, WildFire’s unique zero-delay signatures rapidly deliver protection and share threat intelligence across our community to ensure your organization is protected against previously unknown threats in seconds after they are first discovered.
Going beyond traditional sandboxing.
With WildFire, organizations can gain a prevention-first posture and:
Block Malware Instantly Stop getting unneeded alerts, prevent common threats inline on the NGFW with machine-learning powered by cloud scale analysis,
Eliminate dwell time Cut response time to seconds with shared intelligence to automatically deliver protections, stopping malware, malicious URLs, DNS, and C2.
Reduce TCO Eliminate costs to deploy, manage, patch, and maintain appliance-based sandboxes with a scalable cloud-based architecture
Consistent protection regardless of location
across hardware, software and NGFW form factors
What it means for you
Go Beyond Traditional Analysis Approaches to Detect Unknown Threats
Leverages cloud scale for industry firsts in inline prevention, and delivering real-time protections
Dynamic analysis enables zero-day malware prevention and exploits using hundreds of behavioral characteristics.
Static analysis instantly identifies variants of existing malware and evasive tactics
Machine learning extracts thousands of unique features from each file, providing detailed reporting and adapting prevention to stop new malware
Bare metal analysis removes an adversary’s ability to deploy anti-VM analysis techniques.
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