Feb 10, 2016 at 4:00:00 PM



There are two ends of the spectrum of an attack: the cost of a breach to the victim, and the economic motivation of the cybercriminal. Much focus has been spent on understanding the increasing cost of breaches, and potential damages they can cause organizations. As cybercrime has increasingly become a business, we must also understand the relationship between time, cost and potential profit for an attacker. Like any business, it is a simple math problem, the benefit must outweigh the cost. Security decision makers can use this information to increase the cost of conducting successful data breaches to their organization, taking away the economic incentive, and majority of motivation for attackers.

This session will present compelling new research, including:
• Average time to breach an organization
• Typical yearly earnings of a cybercriminal
• Cost of conducing a breach for an attacker
• Most effective methods for dissuading or preventing attacks

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