Feb 10, 2016 at 4:00:00 PM


As our lives, businesses, infrastructure and governments transition into the digital arena, the risk of cyberattacks becomes greater. Now more than ever, mounting a cyberattack is cheaper and easier and the data more valuable. In response, many security technologies or processes are outdated and manual.

It isn’t just technology that’s fallen behind. A lack of executive-level knowledge, leadership and understanding of cybersecurity risk and governance is further complicating many organisations’ abilities to effectively address sophisticated threats.

Having a prevention mindset at the executive level is the first step in addressing this gap and changing the economics of the cybersecurity problem, but we have to take action to change our current environment. It’s for this reason that Palo Alto Networks in conjunction with Australian thought leaders from the public and private sector have written, Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers (Australian Edition). We intend this book to be both a how-to guide and an anthology. It includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials.

Authors from this ground-breaking book will be speaking at the event and include, Jennifer Westacott – Business Council of Australia, Mike Burgess - CISO Telstra, Rachael Falk – Cybersecurity Expert (ex-GM, Cyber Influence, Awareness & Threat National Security Advisor, Telstra), Cheng Lim - Partner, King & Wood Mallesons, Arno Brok - CEO, AISA (Australian Information Security Association), Adrian Turner – CEO (Data61).

They will join Alastair MacGibbon – Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Australia on Cyber Security, Mark McLaughlin - CEO and Chairman of Palo Alto Networks, and Sean Duca - VP and Regional CSO of Palo Alto Networks among other key speakers.

In cybersecurity, knowledge is the key to prevention. 
And knowledge starts here. With data breaches increasing in size and scope, cybersecurity is becoming Australian businesses’ top priority.

We’ve taken the first steps to help keep you informed on best practices for compliance, implementation and breach prevention.

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