June 12, 2017 at 3:00:00 PM


本次議程主要說明如何利用Palo Alto Networks新一代資安平台進行最有效率的管理工作,同時分許多創資安防禦新技術應用;也以對近期熱門資安事件為例說明我們的資安平台如何有效讓客戶從容面對各種挑戰,從中獲得最大的管理效益。

演講嘉賓:  Bruce Lan, Systems Engineer

IT security and network teams at financial services institutions must address demands to rapidly adopt new technology, protect intellectual property, and comply with regulations. Additionally, they must also enable secure access to personal and commercial financial data from a variety of access points ­(e.g., retail branches, mobile devices, third-party business partners) while combating an increasing volume and sophistication of threats. This presentation will offer a reference blueprint for addressing all of these concerns with the Palo Alto Networks security platform, and share some use cases from the financial services industry.