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LiveWeek 21 Jul 2017

You got questions?! We got videos...lots of 'em. Show n Tell and Watch n Learn and  #GetAnswers here in your Live Community!    CAPTURE THE FLAG AND ESCAPE THE LABYRENTH BY SUNDAY! LabyREnth CTF 2017 Final Week: Beat the Maze! The LabyREnth Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge ends in less than a

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Channel Scoop – July 21, 2017

Dig into this week's NextWave Partner Channel Scoop.

Lang Tibbils,
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Malspam Targeting Brazil Continues to Evolve

Unit 42 examines the evolution of malspam targeting Microsoft windows hosts in Brazil.

Brad Duncan,
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Meet the 2017 Live Community Sentinels - Brandon Pry

About the Sentinel Program  

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Palo Alto Networks Security Advisories [20-July-2017]

Palo Alto Networks has published 3 new and 2 updated Security Advisory addressing several security issue to .   New Security Advisories   PAN-SA-2017-0021 - Vulnerability in the PAN-OS DNS Proxy Critical Severity Fixed in PAN-OS 6.1.18, PAN-OS 7.0.16, PAN-OS 7.1.10, PAN-OS 8.0.3 Affects DNS Proxy of PAN-OS CVE-2017-8390

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ESP packets dropped with error "cannot handle IPv4 host bound ESP/AH packet"

This article discusses the issue where the IPSEC VPN traffic fails with the error "Packet dropped, cannot handle IPv4 host bound ESP/AH packet"   Problem The following section shows the packet-diag logs where the ESP packet is dropped by the firewall. Here the ESP packet is received from source to the destination IP:>, protocol 50 version 4, ihl 5, tos 0x00, len 120, id 19317, frag_off 0x0000, ttl 43, checksum 48553 L4 binary dump: 16 bytes 00000000: d1 9e 2d d2 00 00 00 61 

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Palo Alto Networks to Showcase IoT Honeypot Research at Black Hat 2017

Palo Alto Networks to showcase IoT Honeypot research at Black Hat 2017.

Samantha Pierre,
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RDP, VNC, SSH Access through GlobalProtect Clientless VPN

By Sivasekharan Rajasekaran   Purpose GlobalProtect Clientless VPN supports access to remote desktops (RDPs), VNC or SSH through 3rd party middleware applications. This document provides information about some of these middleware applications (both commercial and open source) that can be used with GlobalProtect Clientless VPN to perform RDP or VNC or SSH.

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VM-Series for Microsoft Azure

VM-Series for Microsoft Azure features and benefits summary

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How The Most Progressive Boards Manage Cyber Risk

Mark McLaughlin shares his insight into how the most progressive boards think about cyber risk.

Mark McLaughlin,
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New Report: The State of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific

APAC CSO Sean Duca examines recent findings from the State of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific survey.

Sean Duca,
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VM-Series for Amazon Web Services

Key features, performance capacities and specifications of VM-Series for Amazon Web Services.

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APAC Cybersecurity Study Reveals Australian Businesses Are Resilient yet Need to Improve Breach Prevention Mindset

SYDNEY – 19 July 2017 – Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, has released a new cybersecurity report that reveals Australian organisations are generally resilient when it comes to their cybersecurity posture and habits, despite the general belief that the local IT security professionals are finding it difficult to combat growing threats and savvier cybercriminals.

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69 Per Cent of Hong Kong Businesses Suffered Financial Loss Due to Cybercrime

HONG KONG – 19 July 2017 – In a new survey on cybersecurity, 71 per cent of Hong Kong respondents say cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, yet the biggest barriers they face in combatting cybercrime are keeping up with available security solutions and the lack of security professionals. This and other findings were revealed in ‘The State of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific’ by Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company.

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74 Per Cent of Chinese Businesses Suffered Financial Loss Due to Cybercrime

BEIJING – 19 July 2017 – In a new Asia-Pacific survey on cybersecurity, 86 per cent of Chinese respondents said cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, yet the biggest barrier they face in combatting cybercrime is keeping up with available security solutions. These and other findings were revealed in ‘The State of Cybersecurity Report in Asia-Pacific’ by Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company.

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Organisations in India Are Dedicating More Budget to Cybersecurity

MUMBAI – 19 July, 2017 – Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, today announced the results of its report entitled ‘The State of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific’, which revealed that cybersecurity budgets have increased for 92 per cent of organisations in India.

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Survey Reveals APAC Organisations Struggle to Cope With Evolving Quantity and Complexity of Cybersecurity Technologies

SINGAPORE – 19 July 2017 – Difficulty keeping up with rapidly evolving cybersecurity technologies, products and solutions is the primary barrier hindering Asia-Pacific organisations from ensuring secure cyber environments. This is according to 46 per cent of respondents across the Asia-Pacific region surveyed by Palo Alto Networks for its report, ‘The State of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific’, launched today.

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Study Reveals Few Singapore Companies Share Threat Information Within Their Industry

SINGAPORE – 19 July 2017 – Most companies in Singapore support the mandatory reporting of data breaches to authorities to help fight cybercrime, but according to ‘The State of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific’, a report by Palo Alto Networks, less than one-third of organisations in Singapore currently actually share threat information with other companies in their industry.

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Security Profile Import using .csv

I'm attempting in import the security policy from a .csv file that I built in Excel.  I used separate colmns for Name,Source IP, Destinaion IP, Application, Action.  It seems to only import no matter how I format the spreadsheet, with everything in the Name column.   Anyone have this experience

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False Positive Removal Request

My website has been improperly designated as Malicious in your systems.   This is a hosted label generator for FedEx and has no malicious content or interest in phishing. The site does not ask for secure information and is login and password protected for users. The site only generates

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LabyREnth CTF 2017 Final Week: Beat the Maze!

The LabyREnth Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge ends in less than a week!   In the final hours of the LabyREnth challenge, do you have what it takes to defeat the goblin king? You’ll have until 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time on July 23, 2017 to complete the challenge.  Do you have

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Financial Services Use Case: Apply Network Segmentation in Virtualized Data Centers

Network segmentation for effective protection of mission-critical applications and data in a virtualized data center

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Use Case: Secure the Network through Application Visibility

Reduce enterprise cybersecurity risk to business-critical applications and sensitive data with enterprise-wide application visibility, enforcement and whitelisting.

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URL log does not include port number when accessed URLs are not port 80 or 443

Problem URLs in "URL" field of URL filtering logs does not include port number when accessed URLs are not port 80 or 443.     The corresponding logs sent to syslog server: Jul 18 13:30:04 Lab130-35-PA-3060 1,2017/07/18 13:30:03,010401000897,THREAT,url,1,2017/07/18 13:30:03,,,,,Trust-to-Untrust,,,web-browsing,vsys1,L3-Trust,L3-Untrust,ethernet1/6,ethernet1/3,test,2017/07/18 13:30:03,20381,1,16871,8888,21504,8888,0x408000,tcp,alert,,(9999),test8888,informational,client-to-server,3628,0x0,,,0,text/html,0,,,1,,,,,,,,0 Jul 18 13:30:06 Lab130-35-PA-3060 1,2017/07/18 13:30:05,010401000897,THREAT,url,1,2017/07/18 13:30:05,,,,,Trust-to-Untrust,,,web-browsing,vsys1,L3-Trust,L3-Untrust,ethernet1/6,ethernet1/3,test,2017/07/18 13:30:05,20388,1,16872,80,44827,80,0x408000,tcp,alert,,(9999),test8888,informational,client-to-server,3629,0x0,,,0,text/html,0,,,1,,,,,,,,0    

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DNP3 New App-ID Release

Background: DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) is a set of communication protocols used between components in SCADA systems. Its main use is in utilities such as electric and water companies. It was developed for communications between various types of data acquisition and control equipment. It plays a crucial role in SCADA systems, where it is used by SCADA Master

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GlobalProtect requires token twice - Possible RSA inconvenience

Hi Community. I have an issue on GP: it makes requests for token twice to get through VPN to my network.   I discovered the RSAs feature "Next Token Code Mode", but believe PA (5050 - PAN-OS 7.1.10) has nothing to do when a NTC is requested, so I recommended

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Unable To Connect To MineMeld Output URL Via EDL

Setup an EDL in Panorama to grab a IPv4 feed from a Minemeld (Autofocus hosted) output.  Verified the EDL was pushed down to one of our PA-5050's and clicked on 'Import Now' from the 5050.  EDL is not able to connect and system log shows following: "Unable to fetch external

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Palo Alto Networks Upholds Leadership Position in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the next-generation security company, today announced that it has again been recognized in the "Leaders" quadrant of the July 10, 2017 "Magic Quadrant for...

Santa Clara, CA
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Tutorial: How to enable/disable/clone rules!

Hi everyone, this is Kim from the Palo Alto Networks community team, bringing you a new Palo Alto Networks video tutorial.   Today's video will cover disabling, enabling and cloning rules.  Let continue to our firewall and check out what it's all about.     To illustrate this feature, I'll

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Local interface reference removed when Force Template Values enabled

If the firewall has local reference made in the interface for zones created in a template and Force Template Values is enabled, these zone configurations in the interfaces would be removed.   Zones are configured in template:       Template does not have any interface configured:     On

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