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Data-Centric Cybersecurity: Three Principles for Government

Read this brochure for an overview of three principles that help governments shift from network-centric to data-centric cybersecurity.
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At a Glance: WildFire: U.S. Government malware prevention service

Learn how this industry-leading malware prevention service built for the U.S. government prevents highly evasive zero-day threats and malware from impacting agencies.
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4 Reasons Government Security Teams Should Choose Cloud-Based Malware Analysis Over Legacy Approaches

Read this info-insights brief to learn why a cloud-based malware analysis and prevention service is the right choice for your federal agency.
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Secure Government Missions With WildFire

Get an overview of the current U.S. Government cyber threat landscape and learn about the benefits of deploying WildFire—the first and only cloud-based cyber threat analysis service authorized for use by the U.S. Government.
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Securing the Unpatchable in Financial Institutions

There are no flawless software systems or applications. When flaws result in security vulnerabilities, threat actors exploit them to compromise those systems and applications and, by extension, the endpoints on which they reside. Although software vendors issue patches to remediate flaws, many financial institutions do not apply all available patches to their production environments. In addition, when systems or applications reach their end-of-support, they no longer receive vulnerability patches from their vendors. These two scenarios describe the conditions under which a system or application is considered "unpatchable." When patching or upgrading is no longer feasible, security professionals need to identify alternative ways to secure the unpatchable systems and applications to support their ongoing use in the environment.
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Best Practices for Network Security Consolidation in Government

Through network security consolidation, government agencies can achieve tighter integration between previously disparate systems while automating and simplifying the process for responding to and preventing malicious activity.
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Government Use Case: Network Security Consolidation

As Governments adopt digital technologies – employee remote access, citizen self-service, SaaS, cloud, and more – these same technologies introduce new points where the network can be infiltrated, and new valuable data that must be secured. The result was a cyber security arms race where new threats were countered with new security point products. Today, governments are consolidating security appliances and functions to gain better visibility and use scarce cybersecurity professionals wisely. Read this use case to discover • The advantages of a platform approach to network security consolidation. • Best practices for deployment. • How a government agency eliminated 10 security appliances at every location, simplifying compliance, management and reporting while improving security.
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WildFire: U.S. Government Data Sheet

FedRAMP authorized instance of WildFire build specifically for U.S. government agencies.
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Heavy Reading’s 2019 5G Security Survey

Read a custom research report produced for F5 Networks, Fortinet, NetNumber, and Palo Alto Networks on the service provider priorities and preferences in implementing security to their 5G networks.
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Use Case: Deliver Agile, Comprehensive Security to Remote Workers and Offices Globally

Learn how a global organization reduced security costs and enabled seamless, high-performance collaboration for traveling workers and remote offices.
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Government Use Case: Secure Government Law Enforcement Networks

Read how law enforcement organizations around the world are securing sensitive data and preventing cyberattacks with Palo Alto Networks
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Royal Air Forces Association

The RAF Association deployed the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, with the Next-Generation Firewall deployed in its data center and Azure public cloud.
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Cyber Range

To keep network and security professionals’ security acumen fresh, Palo Alto Networks and Cyber Test Systems present a professional mobile Cyber Range suite.
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Government Use Case: Protect Endpoints

A real-world example and explanation of how a government agency achieved better protection and visibility of their computers and servers with Palo Alto Networks.
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Cybersecurity for Government Solutions Brief

A strong cyber defense, agile to the needs of governments globally as well as to adversaries’ tactics and tool changes, is germane to the future. Palo Alto Networks meets the cybersecurity needs of its government customers by providing a future-proof platform with visibility, prevention and resilience – from the endpoint to the heart of the network, data center and cloud – and for all threat types for IT and OT networks.
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Cyberscurity for State and Provincial Governments

Overview of how state and provincial governments can secure network, endpoint, and cloud environments with the Security Operating Platform
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4 Benefits of Network Security Consolidation in Government

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Mitigating Risk In Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform Supports Use of ASD Top 37 STRATEGIES TO MITIGATE CYBERSECURITY INCIDENTS
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Guide to Securing Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise

This paper describes how the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating platform secures your data in Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud applications..
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What Is the EU NIS Directive?

This paper provides an overview of the security and incident notification obligations of the EU NIS Directive and outlines how a Security Operating Platform can help.
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How to Secure Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

This paper highlights an innovative security approach that eliminates the wide range of cloud risks that can cause breaches, while enabling organizations to achieve consistent and frictionless cloud protections for multi-cloud environments..
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Cybersecurity for Local Governments

Overview of how municipal and county governments can secure network, endpoint, and cloud environments with the Security Operating Platform
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Large U.S. Government Agency Improves Network Security and Performance

Growing amounts of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic can be hiding threats. Decrypting and inspecting encrypted traffic can add latency, costs and management overhead. Read how this federal agency chose Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls to decrypt traffic inline and whitelist applications, reducing risk, increasing performance and simplifying security management.
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USE CASE: Grow and Maintain Cyber Skills With a Cyber Range

Repurpose existing talent, grow, test and maintain cyber skills with a Cyber Range using Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security platform for your Blue team..
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Cyber for women podcast

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Women In Cyber Podcast-2

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As a leading provider of benefits administration services, TRI-AD understands the importance of protecting the private information of its clients’ plan participants. Recognizing the rise of evermore sophisticated cyberthreats, the firm decided to simplify its network security infrastructure by replacing a mix of firewalls, VPN appliances and antivirus software with a single, integrated approach using Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generaton Security Platorm.
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Telstra and Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Roundtable

Watch Telstra’s Mike Burgess and Palo Alto Network’s Sean Duca in this Cybersecurity Roundtable hosted by The Australian.
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State of the Cybersecurity Nation: Legislation and Europe’s Security Professionals

With both the threat landscape evolving rapidly and regulatory requirements becoming more demanding, organisations are struggling to prepare for cybersecurity incidents. .
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