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Prisma Access (GlobalProtect Cloud Service) Datasheet

Global expansion, mobile workforces and cloud computing are shifting the locations of your applications, data and users. These changes introduce new opportunities for business efficiencies, but they also create a set of unique cybersecurity challenges.
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Firewall Feature Overview Datasheet

Firewall Feature Overview Datasheet
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GlobalProtect Datasheet

The world you need to secure continues to expand as both users and applications shift to locations outside the traditional network perimeter. Security teams face challenges with maintaining visibility into network traffic and enforcing security policies to stop threats. Traditional technologies used to protect mobile endpoints, such as host endpoint antivirus software and remote access VPN, are not capable of stopping the advanced techniques employed by today’s more sophisticated attacker. GlobalProtect™ network security client for endpoints, from Palo Alto Networks®, enables organizations to protect the mobile workforce by extending the Next-Generation Security Platform to all users, regardless of location. It secures traffic by applying the platform’s capabilities to understand application use, associate the traffic with users and devices, and enforce security policies with next-generation technologies.
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SD-WAN Fast-Track Services

Quickly and securely roll out SD-WAN from your hub to branch offices. Read this data sheet to learn how.
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SD-WAN: Secure, High-Performance, Simple

Secure SD-WAN from Palo Alto Networks enables you to secure your branch connectivity and easily adopt an end-to-end Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
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Prisma SaaS: At a Glance

The use of SaaS (software as a service) applications is creating new risks and gaps in security visibility for malware propagation, data leakage and regulatory non-compliance. Prisma SaaS delivers complete visibility and granular enforcement across all user, folder and file activity within sanctioned SaaS applications, providing detailed analysis and analytics on usage without requiring any additional hardware, software or network changes.
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AutoFocus Datasheet

Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus™ threat intelligence service re-imagines how security teams protect their organizations from unique, targeted attacks. The hosted security service provides the intelligence, analytics, and context required to understand which attacks require immediate response, as well as the ability to make indicators actionable and prevent future attacks. Read the data sheet to learn the key benefits of the AutoFocus service.
Palo Alto Networks,
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PA-200 Datasheet

Key features, performance capacities and specifications for our PA-200.
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Security Solutions For Managed Security Service Providers

The Solution for Profitable Managed Security Services Organizations of all sizes are turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to secure their assets. As competition increases, MSSPs are seeking ways to create agile and differentiated services while keeping a lid on security costs and protecting customer networks. Considering the complexity of disparate security technologies and the growing threat landscape, this is no small feat.
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Security Operations Workshop – Build and Evolve

Create a blueprint for your security operations build-out. Learn how by reading this data sheet.
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Firewall Migration Services

Read about our Firewall Migration Services to help you safely migrate to your new Next-generation firewall and Panorama
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Exceed CIPA Compliance with Palo Alto Networks

A concise summary of how Palo Alto Networks helps K-12 schools achieve CIPA compliance
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Support Portfolio At-A-Glance

Use this document to understand the differences between Palo Alto Networks' support offerings.
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Platinum Support

Platinum support offers the optimal level of support for those organizations that wish to work directly with Palo Alto Networks to address their support needs, with 24-hour support, 365 days per year with best-in-class response time and advanced assistance.
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Premium Support

Palo Alto Networks’ Premium Support offering enhances your in-house resources with technical experts who are available to support your Palo Alto Networks security deployment. This support level also gives you access to Security Assurance to assist when a security incident occurs and you need to augment your staff with security experts
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How to pick a winner in EDR

The endpoint security marketplace is crowded with vendors claiming to have superior capabilities. Cutting through all the marketing and sales pitches to understand how these products perform isn’t easy.
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Prisma Cloud Governance and Compliance

Prisma continuously monitors your distributed multi-cloud environments and SaaS applications, proactively alerting you of any misconfigurations or compliance violations and even automates remediation so you can embrace the cloud with confidence.
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Prisma Cloud Threat Prevention

The dynamic nature of public cloud environments requires security operations teams to adapt and embrace a new approach to securing the cloud.
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Simplify Zero Trust Implementation with a five-step methodology

Companies are often reluctant to begin their Zero Trust journey because they believe it is difficult, costly, and disruptive but building Zero Trust networks is actually much simpler than building legacy 20th-century hierarchical networks.
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13 Things your Next Firewall Must Do

A true NGFW offers a prevention-focused architecture that is easy to deploy and operate; uses automation to reduce manual effort so that security teams can focus on high-value activities; and delivers new innovations that are natively integrated and easy to adopt – all at the required throughput your business needs. This paper outlines the 13 key things your next firewall must do to secure your network and your business.
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Stop Attackers from using DNS against you

Any modern organization requires the Domain Name System (DNS) to run its business, regardless of industry, location, size, or products. DNS is fundamental to every single modern organization, all over the world.
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A more secure everywhere

The journey to the cloud is not a linear one, and organizations choose to migrate to the cloud in a multitude of ways and approaches.
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Security Operating Platform Product Brochure

Your one stop shop to get your overview on the Security Operating Platform for securing the enterprise, securing the cloud with Prisma, and securing the future with Cortex.
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Cortex XDR

Cortex XDR is the world’s first detection and response app that natively integrates network, endpoint and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks. Cortex XDR accurately detects threats with behavioral analytics and reveals the root cause to speed up investigations.
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Key Specifications for Palo Alto Networks Interfaces and Transceivers

The data interfaces implemented by Palo Alto Networks® are based on industry standards and implementation agreements primarily authored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.3 committee and the Small Form Factor (SFF) Committee. Each interface definition is supported by specifications and agreements defining the electromechanical coupling, electrical and optical signals, as well as management properties of compliant implementations.
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Palo Alto Networks and the E-Rate Program

An overview of Palo Alto Networks E-rate eligible products and services, and the advantages they provide for K-12 schools
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Prisma Access for Clean Pipe

Overview of Prisma Access for Clean Pipe, an outbound internet security solution for managed service providers.
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VM-Series on Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud® enables you to rapidly move your database and high-performance computing applications to global cloud infrastructure. However, risks of data loss and business disruption potentially slow these initiatives.
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XDR must deliver a wide range of common EDR capabilities to provide efficient and effective security against modern attacks, while also integrating with other key prevention, detection, and response tools across the infrastructure. The following RFP checklist includes requirements within nine key categories to help you evaluate the quality of the platforms you’re considering. Use this checklist as a starting point and tailor it to your company’s needs to ensure you’re able to identify vendors that can best support your organization.
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