Palo Alto Networks® engaged independent data privacy risk management provider TRUSTArc®  to review and document the data flows and practices described in this datasheet. The purpose of this document is to provide customers of Palo Alto Networks with information needed to assess the impact of this  service on their overall privacy posture by detailing how personal  information may be captured, processed and stored by and within theservice.


Logging Service Data Sheet

Network security log analysis is an important cybersecurity practice organizations perform to correlate potential threats and prevent successful cyber breaches. Managing logs from various security services, such as next-generation firewalls and cloud services, takes effort and resources. Palo Alto Networks® Logging Service introduces a simpler approach, managing valuable security logs while enabling innovative security applications in concert with Palo Alto Networks Application Framework.
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Telemetry Privacy

Description of data collection and data processing by our Telemetry feature
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Best Practices for Executing on Zero Trust

Read how to apply the Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy through transformation to a prevention-based architecture. Included are technical capabilities as well as business outcomes for each level of transformation as well as tools to measure your capabilities as you progress through the transformation journey.
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