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Cortex: Proactive Security Operations from End-to- End

Security operations centers (SOCs) have gradually become more critical within enterprises over the last five years. With a need to prevent cyberattacks and the adoption of centralized security operations (SecOps), security teams are challenged by a lack of qualified personnel (staff, skills, knowledge), budgetary constraints, and a barrage of complex solutions on the market.

The Cortex portfolio offers an end-to-end security solution that ensures every step of security processes and challenges are covered. Cortex is the industry’s most comprehensive security operations product portfolio that ensures enterprises are being proactive with security, not reactive. This begins with attack surface management for complete visibility of assets and risks, to best-in-class prevention, detection, and response on endpoints, and powerful automation capabilities to reduce human effort. By taking a portfolio approach, teams benefit from integrated solutions for continuous protection with uninterrupted risk management.

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